Cloud computing helps to enhance competitiveness

The context of the IT business in 2013

There are 2 main factors promoting the development of ICT in business this year.

Firstly: virtualization technology is the key element that allows organizations to innovate and grow by streamlining IT operations to support the objectives and business priorities, while allowing the deployment of strategic it project. According to the survey, the virtualization has helped the Asia-Pacific region are minimalist 98 billion us dollar from the year 2013 to 2020 year for spending related to hardware, power, real estate and management costs. Virtualization is one of the factors that have innovative and powerful converter for the IT industry at present and the entire cost cutting was said on that will be used to conduct strategic projects in this field.

Secondly: This industry is turning to approach “defined by the software” (Software-Defined) in the management of the data center. The data center is defined by software (Software Defined Datacenter) and currently helping the IT business to mount more closely, flexible, allowing optimal leverage cloud services to private and public clouds to help the workforce becomes more mobile (BYOD trend).

The most powerful trends in the market of Vietnam which is the development of cloud computing. The ratio of cloud application market in Vietnam is now 39%, and cloud computing is considered a top priority in the business thanks to help improve business performance.

The current challenge for the enterprise that is the direction the IT projects fit in with the needs of the customer. In Vietnam, 88% of businesses said that their first priority is adjusted to match the growing expectations from customers and improve customer satisfaction.

One other trend in Vietnam is mobile workforce using many devices. The business will have to expand the core principles of virtualization to create the virtual workspace for end users to work when moving.

“Can call this trend is BYOD or Enterprise allowing mobility applications (enterprise-enabled mobility). However, enterprises need to devise a strategy for end user computing suitable to bring higher performance for their labour forces anywhere, at any time and on any mobile devices-mobile phones, Smartphone, Tablet, laptop or phablet. The present work is not necessarily in a fixed position and the staff needs a secure solution, not risks under the support of it”.

Why VietnamVPS Always More Expensive than AbroadVPS

Many of you are intending to use the service VPS (virtual servers) of Vietnam providers often ask why with same configuration but the price is always more expensive than foreign VPS. This article will give you a satisfactory answer.

Costs for infrastructure, setting page in Vietnam is quite expensive

In Vietnam, this is the one thing not needed saying but who knows. If an item of technology in America are sold cheap as for then when about Vietnam, it was double the price, even triple, quadruple. Really hard for Vietnam businesses if just want to get high quality equipment just to be an affordable price for our customers. High investment costs have forced them to raise product prices to ensure profitable business.

Operational model of the Vps service provider in Vietnam is completely different with foreign countries

Foreign companies often offer VPS “Unmanaged”: means they only worry about the infrastructure and you will have to manually install and configure everything from operating systems to the web server, as well as resolve themselves during processing, the error related to the software. This is a pretty thing if you want to make use of the advantages that a VPS delivers (as compared to shared hosting) but don’t know much about it.

Meanwhile, the Vietnam business back to provide VPS form “Semi-Managed”: that is, they can assist you with virtually everything when asked. Usually, when using a VPS service in Vietnam, you can ask the technical staff install and configure everything needed, enough to operate a website, as well as send ticket request support in overcoming the problems arising in the the process used (including hardware and software). The supported by Vietnamese so you will not encounter the difficulties related to yourself.

If the offer price comparisons of the VPS provider to Vietnam with the semi-automatic service provider Managed or Managed other (foreign), such as HostGator, StableHost or Hawkhost, … you will see that price a little expensive does not , even pretty cheap.

Two causes above are the reason VPS service prices in Vietnam are usually higher than foreign suppliers.

Do you know what Cloud Server is?

Cloud Server provides a server Virtual Private like VPS but deployed and developed on the basis of the technology of cloud computing, so Cloud server inherits the advantages of the technology of cloud computing that will not get when using conventional VPS.

Cloud servers are the core of cloud computing technology. This article will introduce Cloud Server (Cloud VPS), the knowledge needed to know in order to bring readers the most intuitive understanding of Cloud Server.

What is Cloud server?

In recent years, the information technology industry is increasingly developing Internet. Along with this development, businesses and organizations will have to invest substantial cost stitching new purchase, maintenance and operation of the server (server). However with the advent of the technology of cloud computing (Cloud Computing), the business organization will not have to invest large financial outlays can also own one the server (the server) to cater for events business, commercial development and application of information technology in manufacturing.

Organizations can now choose the virtual server or VPS (Virtual Private Server) to be used as one server specifically for the needs of the business. But today business organizations can use technology effectively and Cloud Server with higher technology. Cloud server provides a server Virtual Private like VPS but deployed and developed on the basis of the technology of cloud computing, so Cloud server inherits the advantages of the technology of cloud computing that will not get when using conventional VPS.

Additionally, Cloud Server DIGISTAR extra features new advanced typical use technology solutions Cloud Storage’s innovative Parallels SSD Caching and distributed I/O are on the Server physics to overcome the drawbacks bottlenecks (bottleneck) of SAN systems, bring new Cloud Server DIGISTAR an incredible speed.

What is Cloud Computing? How is the application?

Cloud computing

According to the IEEE Computer Society Organization “It’s model in which information is stored in servers on the Internet and will only be stored temporarily at the client computer, including personal computer, Entertainment Center, computers in business, computer, handheld media… “. Cloud computing is the overall concept includes concepts such as Web 2.0, software services and other issues appeared recently, featured technology trends, in which the subject matter is primarily based on the Internet in response to the computing needs of users. For example, Google AppEngine service offers online business applications usually can access from a web browser, while theapplication and portion of data are stored on the server.

In General, only to read the language style as above, then not everyone understands. Please explain basically with a few concepts:

  1. The cloud (Cloud) here is the news server, the server has an internet connection, is used to store data.
  2. Computing: means the computer, computer, … computing is generally all the operation, use, the purpose of it all depends on the clouds above.

Within the scope of this article, it is not mentioned far deeper problems, just mention the concepts and uses of the cloud has already said above: storage, backup data…

Archive and backup data

Can tell out here quite a lot data hosting services like:Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive (of microsoft), copy, box or 1 service of Vietnam’s famous kleii

This service is provided for the user 1 blank range several gb (like dropbox are currently in use is 2 GB. With this 2 GB capacity enough for 1 ordinary user to archive the documents as doc, exel, a few photo albums, … Users will download the software, after installation, the software will synchronize with your computer. That is when you copy 1 file to partition (e.g. dropbox) on the computer, the system will automatically load the file onto the server of dropbox (encrypted data). When you edit, on the server will also edit.

  1. All photos are uploaded to facebook and flickr. should just pull it down h now is done.
  2. The document files are already sys to dropbox. H now also simply reinstall the software Therefore, the hard drive is corrupted, however, more data lost but the most valuable data is still. Truth is great.

    Here I share with you a few tips.

    1. You should set yourself 1 synchronization software, recommended: Dropbox, Google Drive. If you are the Office, or student, sky drive is the priority. SkyDrive sync very well with Microsoft office products. In addition, sky drive also supports crisis capacity to 25 GB. Enough for you to save big off the leash;
    2. With the photo album, upload the online storage site such as Flickr, Picasa web, Pinterest, photo bucket. All these pages are: public, private mode so comfortable about private, okay.     Benefits of cloud computing

      -Free of charge

      -Easy access

      -Self service capabilities



      -Shared resources

      -Ability to link

The essential basics of cloud server

First of all, the Cloud Server is a server product that is similar to a virtual server (VPS server) but It sets up more technology Cloud Computing (cloud computing). With the advanced features of the technology Cloud Computing help for Cloud Server products have more features than the previous server line.

All the previous server type has a certain size limit, and the upgrade of more space for the server is getting pretty hard and it took quite a long time to do this, in the hosts forced active users, disrupting so much for business as well as users. Besides, when you have a project set up an app or something that must be present, the server can perform, then you are forced to buy/rent add one or more new servers were not be used with these servers are run the applications or other projects. Similarly, a project is a server, for many large business costs (not even buy) is not also matter more, but something worth saying here is the management of multiple servers at the same time so very troubling.

The use of the common server types as before still exist a lot of the other defects. But with that, Cloud Server types may be omitted are some of the issues that commonly found inadequacies and definitely can completely replace the previous common server types including virtual server VPS. Upgrading your resource Cloud Sever downright simple and quick, upgrading the resource takes only a few minutes, and contacts during upgrade is also not needed server maintenance. All of the projects can be deployed on the same server type, not enough resources; you can upgrade more, almost without limit.

The features and specifications of Cloud Server

Easy management

Cloud Server offers you the Server management interface on Web 2.0 platform with full of features on your browser; you full control to manage resources, reinstall the Server and other features.

Remote access

You can access, as well as share data anywhere via devices such as smart phones, Tablet PCs, laptops have network connectivity.

High availability

Cloud Server system has automatic mechanisms to track the status of the Server, the system automatically switching between the server when one of these Server problems. Sever in the Cloud having a problem cannot connect, then the system will transfer all the data in the server is damaged through the resources are idle in the Cloud.

The deployment of cloud computing model

Typical specific cloud computing services (Cloud Computing) to provide public services and software based on virtual server can provide a dich for users. How much pay rent.

1/Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS-infrastructure services): provides raw infrastructure users (usually in the form of virtual machine) as a service.

The virtual architecture stack is an example of the tendency of everything is the same and the service generally. Than a rental server, centralized storage space or network devices, workstations, rather investing all you may purchase the full hire external service. These services typically cost calculated on the basis of the calculation functions and resource use (and from there out costs) will reflect the level of activity. Full is a development of the web hosting solutions and individual virtual servers.

Typical characteristics:

  • Provide resources as services: including servers, network devices, memory, CPU, hard disk space, data center equipment.
  • Flexible extensibility
  • Costs vary depending on the fact
  • Many people shared the same rental on a resource
  • The enterprise level: benefit for the company by an aggregate computing resources

2/Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS-platform service): provide API for developing applications on a platform abstraction

The computing platform and offers a set of solutions. It supports the development of applications that do not interest costs or the complexity of the installation and management of hardware and software layers below. Providing all the features needed to support the full life cycle of building build and deliver an application and web services available on Internet without any download or installation operations software for those who develop, manage, or end users. It is also known by a different name as cloudware.

Provide the service platform (PaaS) include the conditions for a process application design, development, testing, deployment and storage of valuable applications such as application services such as typesetting, group collaboration and integration of web services , database integration, security, scalability, management status, application versions, the benefits to the community development and applied research. These services are prepared as a solution computer on the web.

Typical characteristics:

  • Serving for the development, test, deployment, and cum operate like application integrated development environment
  • The initialization tool with a web-based interface.
  • Homogeneous architecture
  • Integrated web services and databases
  • Collaboration support group development


Platform service (PaaS) are in early and is favored in the preferred capital services feature software, besides having to integrate the elements of the system platform.

The advantage of the project to gather the work group that the geographical dispersion.

The ability to integrate multiple sources of web services

Reduce costs in addition to the sidelines when integrated security services, scalability, error control.

Reduce costs when abstraction programming job at a high level to create the service, user interface, and other application elements.

Expect knowledgeable users can continue to improve and support interaction with many people to help identify how it’s difficult problems we encounter.

Towards the use of technology to facilitate easier development of multi-user applications for people not only in team programming that can combine multiple groups working together




Bound by the provision: due to limited dependent and supplier services

Limited development: complexity makes it inconsistent with the requirements developed as fast because of the complex features as implemented on the web platform.

3/Software-as-a-Service (SaaS-software services): provides services to the remote executable software.

Software services (SaaS) is a model of application deployment in which people offer to allow users to use the service as required. The SaaS provider can host the application on their server or downloading the client device, disable it after the end of the time limit. The demand function can be controlled inside to share the copyright of a third application provider.

Typical characteristics:

Available software requires the manage and access over the network.

A management activity from a location of more focus is at the client’s location, which allows remote access clients via the web. Provide the application typically close to 1 or more mapped models including the architectural features, price and management.

The focus feature upgrade, help users to get rid of the download patches and updates.

Often integrate the communication software on the wide area network.

The benefits of using Cloud VPS

When you have chosen hosting solution for your business is a fertility services with company size, number of customers and upgrade later is very important to let you choose the service.

Simple as currently on the market most people use hosting for web sites of small or individual business small, but with a business or a normal company, the VPS or dedicated servers new physical response required.

Yet few people understand this, just when they are counseling services, they understand, or in some cases to decide and use the packages have lower capacity, small lead to the web at or very weak when the visitor visit your web…. So this article I would like to guide you through the VPS and cloud hosting services are two or more people are interested and the most used.

What is Cloud VPS?

Cloud VPS is a system built on the crazy cloud platforms using VMware technology. Cloud VPS is a web hosting solution, you try to imagine if a web host can be 99.99% uptime with fully redundant systems and high scalability. Cloud server features restored and replaced immediately when a VPS has the problem. Especially with data storage, systems focus SAN “Storage Area Network” that helps reduce maintenance time and the ability to upgrade expands the storage capacity up to more than 1000 TB.


The benefits of using Cloud VPS

  • Can be used to set up the virtual Web Server, Mail Server as well as other application servers and can personalize according to needs also lure easily share data, the data transmission between the branches.
  • No costly equipment purchases, maintenance costs.
  • The optimum cost savings with 0 DD initial investment costs and low use cost level.
  • Use static IP and static IP unlimited levels.
  • High configuration is built on top of technologies Cisco, Netapp, Vnware … and can upgrade to 100 GB/s.
  • Virtual Server cloud capable of high security
  • Regularly backup (backup) automatically
  • -Easy to use with user friendly interface
  • Secured by the system Firewall, Anti Virus, Anti Spam, professional.
  • Virtual server to easily upgrade your server configuration according to needs of use (CPU, RAM, HDD)
  • Bandwidth, transfer flow depending on the needs of our customers
  • Be able to reinstall the operating system from 5-10 minutes (necessary in an emergency to the maximum the network crash time reduction of the system, the error case, overload or network attacks)
  • Virtual servers allow you can administer remotely using Remote Desktop or SSH, install the applications business management, CRM, customer management, online sales …
  • VPS servers help businesses save costs while still meet the requirements as a regular server. Administrators have access to the highest (administrator) to install and configure the virtual servers (VPS). All customer data are stored independently should have higher security than Shared Hosting


Flexible expansion capabilities

  • The normal host VPS on 1 individual servers, when customers want to upgrade a VPS, if that server resources are still alright, but if the server is off reserve resources, then the upgrade will interrupt VPS 1 time , however, is not much.
  • For the Cloud VPS resource, then the reserves is very much and always ready to upgrade your VPS, allocation is also very fast.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud VPS

Born in 2007, the concept of Cloud VPS and cloud computing technology has become a monument to store data. In addition, the Cloud VPS hosting server or has been the form of storage, backup completely common by the individual customer or business needs archiving, backup and update technology advances.

Cloud VPS full name is Cloud Virtual Private Server, also known under the name of a virtual private server based cloud computing technology. Indeed, the name of it was stating to know what Cloud VPS is. It is a form of virtual servers to be rebuilt on a cloud computing platform, be granted access to each account separately. Additionally, Cloud VPS can also complete the major components such as RAM, CPU and hard drive…. In fact, Operation Cloud VPS need internet accesses, bandwidth, with the transmission line, have a fixed IP address go with.

The difference between VPS and Basic Cloud VPS

The basic difference between VPS and Basic Cloud VPS here lies in the “Cloud”. Look at we can see immediately VPS was formed from the split data from one physical server and give the user. While a Server that justice must provide resources for one or more VPS to use, the ability to meet surely must have limits, frequent shortage of resources when running multiple VPS on a server so reasonable.

Cloud VPS understand that the problem should have been solved by creating VPS account from a cloud computing platform. Meanwhile, the platform is formed by connecting a series of parent servers and storage devices, network equipment, switches … So while VPS is a server responsible mother to all tasks, storage, management, distribution, the Cloud VPS tasks will be distributed and completed by the specialized equipment to create a complete system, safe and stable.

The advantages of Cloud VPS

– Scalable and easy to optimize and upgrade the power server

– Custom Infrastructure – Customers can customize network architectures, firewalls, load balancers and deploy IP

– Completely assured of security for your own server. When customers on the cloud to share hacked or virus, your Cloud Servers will be completely separate from no risk to your data.

– Each customer on the cloud can select the operating system of their own

– Storage SAN – Unlimited Bandwidth

– The availability is high – when a physical server having problems, then the cloud server is moved to a different physical server immediately.

– No need to be concerned about RAM or CPU.

The disadvantages of Cloud VPS

– Higher cost VPS

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Sharing documents via Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a new technology, not one of us knows how to use this technology. Here is a way to share data across cloud services. Cloud computing also known as virtual servers, computing is computing model using computer technology and development based on the Internet. In this computing model, all likely related to information technology are offered in the form of “service”, allowing the user to access the services from a supplier somewhere “in the cloud” that do not need to have the knowledge technology, experience, nor need attention to the infrastructure that serves it.

Click to share files across the service cloud

In today’s digital age, it is hard not to be able to store and share data, information, pictures. We can save your documents on Dropbox, a few songs, favorite movies on Amazon’s digital warehouse or your photo albums on Picasa.

Imagine if we can merge those services together, or at least have, a portal provided allows us to have access to the necessary files. Otixo is one of the free software that can help you do this. We can easily use this software in 4 steps:

-Step 1: Create an account Otixo. This is completely free software, so it does not require too much information about users.

-Step 2: Adding cloud services your first and then the other services. The different services it requires the various security measures but most are fairly simple.

-Step 3: To add cloud services complement (this is the difference when we use software Otixo), click the plus icon in the upper left, next to “My Cloud sevices “. In addition, the software also allows to connect multiple FTP server if necessary.

Add the service Cloud computing into your account

-Step 4: Once you have completed the above steps, meaning that the service is connected and active, we can easily check your files and move them from the service to other services (depending on the storage limits of the service). All what we need to do is right click on the file; there will be a lot of options are displayed.

For those who use cloud-computingteTRchnology in a professional manner, the software really is a professional assistant to help them gain maximum saving time. Hopefully Otixo will upgrade and add more services in the future.

How many websites the server can contain?

Surely you have heard about the concept of the server. But have you ever wonder that a server can contain how much Website? To give the correct answer to this question, then please consider the following factors to yourself to give the correct answer.

  1. Website design

First you need to design platforms and software to your Website. Your website can be designed as a static HTML page or a Web page. Usually static Web sites often include many simple Website has less information. So these Website characteristics of these often constitute small size due to simple design and less functional.

Contrasts, dynamic HTML websites often have very large size contains a lot of content, functionality and very complex information is created from content management system CMS.

On a server that can accommodate about 250 to 500 because they are simple static Website and there is not much volume. For dynamic Websites, the number of which a server can contain varies from 150 to 250. These metrics can completely change according to the Customize or extend the software is placed on the Website.

  1. Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the maximum possible speed of data transmission in 1 second. Or it is a metric used to describe the amount of data including Upload and Download between the websites or number of users in a unit time. So with the number of large bandwidth Website, they will consume more CPU and RAM on the server. It will affect the number of websites to be in a server.

  1. Other factors

Most of the applications and software used in the server have to be customized to meet your needs. The add-on, control panel or any third software you want to install the add on the server will also consume a significant amount of resources on the server.

Therefore, a server can contain more or less the Website also depends on how much additional software installation support. When you install as many applications, your server must spend a lot more resources and your server contains less than Website.

  1. Email hosting services

When you use the Email Hosting services for your server, the number of resources on the server will also increasingly spend more based on the amount of email each day. So on a server, you should only use 25 GB of the drive to contain as well as Email should only provide about 250 Email accounts only.

The conclusion

Everything aboveis the key factors affecting the work a server can contain how much Website. Now surely you’ve given are the answer for yourself. Hope the article the article helped you make the answer choice for math a server can contain how many Website.