A father lusting after his daughters tests a mind-control device on a pair of twin sisters!

The Mind Control Device

Chapter One: Testing on the Twins

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Note: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this!

Dean Michaels

I peered through the magnifying lens as I carefully soldered the last component into the circuit board. It was careful work, a curl of smoke rising up as the flux evaporated. I touched the tip of the soldering iron with care, the liquid mix of lead and tin fixing the small capacitor in place. 

I groaned as I leaned back and set the soldering iron in its holder and turned it off. I trembled as I stared at the circuit board. It was complete. It was finally ready to be tested. I hoped this went better than the last version.

That fire had ruined three months of work.

I plugged in the large, lithium-ion battery and then plugged in the power. I opened my laptop and logged into it. I connected the device to my laptop via a USB cable and then opened up my custom software. It was time to test things. To see if the device would get past the power-up phase so I could see if the mechanism worked.

Footsteps pounded down the stairs. I could tell it was my youngest daughter just by the enthusiasm. In a flash, she was at my desk and slipping onto my lap, bouncing with excitement as the program loaded.

A flash of nervous heat ran through me as I felt my eighteen-year-old daughter squirming, her rump feeling delicious on my lap. She had a sweet smell around her as she peered down at my device. The program was running through its boot-up process, checking that the components of the machine worked.

“Whatcha doing, Daddy?” June asked, her brown hair gathered up into a pair of pigtails. She turned to look at me, her angelic face full of curiosity. She blinked her blue eyes as she wiggled from side to side.

My cock swelled. I hoped my daughter wouldn’t realize what she did to me. How her perky ass made my dick throb. My heart pounded. This heat rushed through me as my program then beeped. Test complete.

“Daddy?” June asked. “What is it?”

“Sorry,” I said. “It’s that, uh, studying device I told you about, Junebug.”

“Oh,” she said, peering down at the device. It was housed in a modified speaker case. One of those small docks that you place a cell phone or MP3 player in. “How does it work?”

“It sends out ultra-high frequency sound waves,” I said. “So high-pitched, not even a dog can hear them. But your brain can still receive the signal.” On the screen were two different sections of the program. To the right was a command line. To the left was a large, green circle that looked like a radar screen. It had dots on it, each one with a long string of hexadecimal numbers. There were two dots on top of each other plus one more close by. On the edges were other dots. “It’ll help your brain study better and make you smarter and study better so you do well at school.”

“Wow,” June said, leaning over. “But isn’t that something Dusk needs, not me?”

I chuckled. Dusk—Eve was her real name, but early on I started joking and calling her Evening and that became Dusk—was my oldest daughter, one-and-a-half years older than June. Both my daughters were sexy, too, making my dick hard all the time.

“I get great grades,” continued June.

“Yes, you do, Junebug,” I said, glancing at the screen. Everything looked like it was working. 

“So I don’t need it,” she said. 

“Oh, I think you could improve a bit,” I said.

She squirmed more, my cock throbbing at the soft feel of her rump. I wanted her so bad. I was lying about the machine. It sent out sound waves, but it didn’t make a person smarter or helped them study better.

It would control their brain functions. Theoretically, anyway. 

It was an idea I’d stumbled across on the internet, rumors that DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) was working on it. They did research for the U.S. Military and Intelligence Agencies. There were all sorts of conspiracy theories involving them from weather controlling devices to earthquake generating devices and more.

“What are the dots?” June asked.

“You, me, and your mom upstairs,” I said. “And the neighbors. The machine can detect the electrical signal your heart puts out when it beats. It’s a signal unique to all humans. It lets the machine target a specific person and, say, help her study more.”

June giggled. “Like Dusk!”

“Like Dusk,” I said. My eighteen-year-old daughter was so delicious. “And students in my class and others. This is going to be a remarkable device.”

Maybe. I had to be a complete pervert, a degenerate human being, to even consider using this device. My ultimate goal was to enjoy my daughters. I’d lusted for them for too long. I couldn’t control myself much longer.

They were so mature and nubile now. So womanly now, even June. She was growing breasts, wearing sexier clothing, hovering between her girlish youth and mature awakening. I wanted to just slide my hands up her body and squeeze her tits.

I wanted to try out the machine right now. To enjoy my daughter, but… What if it didn’t work? What if it failed? It would ruin everything. I had to test this out somewhere else. Somewhere far from here where no one could possibly know who I was.

“It does sound neat, Daddy,” she said, leaning over, her pigtails sliding off her hair. “Are you going to patent this and make a million dollars.”

“Maybe,” I said, my dick on fire. My daughter was pure torture. I could just type in the command line and start things going. My daughter was shown as 402A0D4. I just had to use those numbers when I entered in the script of text that would run the machine. It would affect her brain and—

The basement door opened. “June, Dean, it’s dinner. Come on!”

“Ooh!” June said and squirmed off my lap. “It’s fish sticks!”

My daughter loved fish sticks more than any person should. It was Friday, and that was fish sticks night. My youngest was still at home, but my oldest was out on a date. With a boy. I hated thinking that. I didn’t want her on a date. I wanted her all to myself. She was twenty. I knew how boys her age thought. I knew what they wanted to do with her.

I drew in a deep breath as June raced up the stairs. I swallowed and closed my laptop and turned off the device. I made sure the soldering iron was placed in its holder. Then I stood up and headed up the stairs, adjusting my jeans.

My wife waited at the top of the stairs. Kimmie was a petite woman, still youthful looking. She could pass for one of our daughters’ older sisters, her red hair spilling about her face, her green eyes sparkling. She had the cutest freckles spilling across her face. She wore a pair of mom jeans and a t-shirt, short and girlish.

“Are you going to be playing with your little device all weekend?” she asked as I approached her.

“Oh, are we doing anything?” I asked, a nervous tide rising through me. I wanted to test my device tomorrow. Saturday was perfect.

“Yeah, we’re doing a Costco Run on Sunday,” she said, “and then we need to price the new living room set.”

“Right, right,” I said, stopping before her. “Did I ever tell you how beautiful you are?”

“Not nearly enough,” she said, her arms sliding around me. I felt her lithe body against me, my dick throbbing. “You’re not getting out of furniture shopping. We need a new sofa. It’s getting old and ratty. And your recliner is groaning.”

“It’s comfy,” I said. 

She pressed against me and then she arched an eyebrow. “Are you hard?”

“Well, you are just so beautiful,” I said, my heart pounding. Fear rippled through me. I grabbed her rump. I squeezed her ass and pulled her tight. “Why wouldn’t I be hard?”

“So it had nothing to do with our daughter?” my wife asked. “Do I have to start worrying about June as well as all those nubile college girls you teach, too?”

“Kimmie?” I spluttered.

She giggled. “Mmm, I know you perv on your naughty students. I’m not an idiot. Do you want me to put my hair in pigtails tonight and put on Eve’s old cheerleading uniform.”

“Damn,” I groaned, my dick throbbing.

“Dirty old man,” she said, rolling her eyes. “Come on, before June devours all of the fish sticks.”

She broke away from me, leaving me throbbing. I groaned, following her. My wife was a flirt, but if she knew I truly wanted to have sex with our daughters, with those nubile college coeds, she’d kill me. 

Tomorrow, I’d find out if the device worked.

“I’m going to go fishing tomorrow,” I said. “If you don’t need me.”

“Mow the lawn before you go.”

I could do that. 


The next day, after the lawn was mowed, I was off. I hopped on the freeway and drove south for over an hour, heading into a new county, into a town I’d rarely gone in to. My stomach twisted the entire time. My hands gripped the steering wheel. I glanced at the device sitting atop my silver laptop. 

I hoped this would work.

My GPS guided me to the park I’d chosen. It seemed like a place that wouldn’t have any security cameras. A place where no one should remember if I was there. I pulled my car into a parking spot and stared out at the tranquil site. It was time to test things out.

A public place where there were dozens of people around. I would test it, making sure that things were working fine before I did anything. People were jogging around the outside. Others were strolling across the grounds or sitting on blankets in the shade with friends. Plenty of young people were around. I saw more than a few cute girls.

I reached a park bench and set the device beside me. In a few minutes, it was booted up and the laptop was running. I stared at the screen, seeing all the dots on it. It reached for two-hundred yards in every direction, the extent of the range. It covered the whole park plus the surrounding area. I typed in general commands, built-in macros that would run far more complex commands without me having to type them in.

The first would have all the children aching to leave. Everyone under eighteen. This was the first test. I typed in the command: under 18; flight protocol. I hit the enter key and then leaned back, waiting to see if it would work.

Children in the park immediately started dragging parents away, complaining that they didn’t want to be here. I smiled as it worked. This was incredible. Mind control. It wasn’t just a theory. I had pieced together all the rumors. I had created my own device using ultra-high frequency. Being an associate professor in the science department and having a masters in engineering had given me the skills needed to come up with this. 

“Damn,” I muttered as the last of the children filtered out.

A black-haired woman sat down beside me. She was wearing jogging clothes, tight shorts and a tank top. She was my age, her breasts large and stretching out. She panted, shaking her head at a younger, black-haired girl that jogged by.

“I can’t keep up with her,” she muttered.

“I bet,” I said as I was ready to try out the next commands. I typed in: 840F21; immune from sound waves then 840F21; arousal protocol. I could direct the sounds, targeting who I wanted or I could send out a general wave to affect all targets. Even better, I could manipulate other brain functions like those that controlled arousal.

840F21 was the hexadecimal tag the computer had randomly assigned me. 

“Getting some work done?” the woman asked.

“Testing out my invention,” I said, typing out the next command. All; boredom protocol.

The woman beside me suddenly just started looking at her lap. She had this bored look on her face. I glanced around the park. Joggers, including the woman’s daughter, slowed to stops and just stood in place, the two barely legal girls—twins!—on the swing were now just staring at their feet. No one was paying attention to anything.

“Jesus,” I said, glancing at the machine. It was putting out its sound. It was broadcasting the mind-control signal just like I wanted. “Jesus fucking Christ.”

I glanced at the woman beside me, her large breasts swelling out her tank top. Her black hair was gathered in a simple ponytail, a few strands escaping it and falling down her forehead and cheek. Her breasts rose and fell, her hands on her lap.

A040C18; desire to give 840F21 a blowjob even in public

I hit enter, my dick throbbing hard with the possibilities. 


Brenda McDonalds

I blinked and licked my lips. I glanced over at the man beside me. He was handsome, dark hair and glasses, the look of a teacher. The type of teacher that a young girl might have naughty ideas about. My eyes noticed him slide the laptop off his lap onto a speaker beside it. My eyes fell on his cock.

He was hard.

That wouldn’t do.

“Need some help?” I asked, this heat swelling inside of me. This would be so wicked to do. Especially with my daughter around. That made this even naughtier. We were in public, but I just wanted to do it. I hadn’t given one in a while. 

But it had to be like riding a bike.

“Help?” the guy asked, looking at me curiously.

“Yeah, help,” I said. “With your hardon. I could suck it.” My tongue licked across my lips. “I know it’s a little strange, but I just think you need a blowjob, and I would love to suck on you. What do you say?”

“Right here?” he asked, arching an eyebrow.

“Well…” I looked around. Was everyone looking weird? I shrugged. I had to do this. “I don’t mind. Right here, right now.”

“Sure,” he said. 

I smiled. This was better than jogging. My daughter had convinced me to start doing it with her, but then she left me in her dust each morning. My large breasts swayed in my tank top, my sports bra cradling them as I bent over. It was so wicked. Now, this was the sort of exercising I could do. Sucking his cock.

I bet he had a nice cock.

I unfastened his jeans, a womanly heat building and building in my pussy. Then I unzipped him. I shuddered at the rasping sound of the zipper. My tongue darted around my lips. I was so excited to suck this cock. It would be so much fun.

I pulled open his jeans. I groaned as I unveiled his cock. This was so naughty. This wicked heat surged through my body. I licked my lips at how hot I was. My cunt was on fire now. I had to suck him off.

His cock tented his gray boxers. I rubbed him through it, loving the groan the guy made. I didn’t even know his name. It was so exciting sucking a stranger’s cock. My tongue danced around my lips. I was on fire for this. Just eager for this wanton delight.

My hand slid in and grabbed his cock.

“Damn,” he moaned. “You always suck a stranger’s cock?”

“No,” I said. But maybe I should start. I was so wet. “It’s your lucky day.”

I pulled out his cock and then darted my tongue around his spongy crown. He shuddered. The park bench groaned as he shifted, the wood creaking. His precum spilled out, coating my tongue. I savored it, my pussy growing juicier and juicier.

Could I masturbate?

Why not? I was sucking him off in public and doing that made me so wet. My hand slid down the front of my jogging shorts. I shoved them into the stretchy, black material and then into my panties. My lips sucked on the tip of his cock. His precum spilled into my mouth as my fingers slid through my silky bush.

I reached my pussy as I engulfed all of his cock.

“Damn,” he groaned, his hand grabbing my hair. He gripped me as I sucked on him. “You’re just hungry for it.”

I was. I sucked hard. My cheeks hollowed. This wicked and wanton heat ran through my body. I bobbed my head as I ran my fingers up and down my pussy. My cream soaked my digits. I loved it. I stroked my naughty cuntlips. This amazing heat surged through me.

A wicked tremble ran through me. If my daughter saw me, she’d be floored.

My fingers rubbed at my clit. I shuddered, stroking that sensitive, little pearl. I quivered, moaning about his dick. My cheeks hollowed. My tongue danced around that delicious cock. My lips slid up and down his shaft. It was this amazing passion. 

The more I sucked on him, the hotter my pussy grew. He groaned, his hand tightening in my hair. More of his precum spilled into my mouth. My tongue danced as my fingers massaged him. I didn’t even know his name. I was blowing him in public.

If my daughter saw me…

My pussy clenched. My orgasm swelled faster. I rubbed my clit faster and faster, pressing harder on my nub. I whimpered around his cock. My passion echoed around his dick. He growled. His dick twitched in my mouth.


His cum fired out of his dick.

I gasped in delight as that wonderful jizz flooded into my mouth. I gasped, reveling in the taste of his salty passion. This delicious flavor spilled over my tongue. I gulped down his cream. I swallowed every drop of it.

My pussy exploded.

My cunt spasmed. Juices gushed out. The hot cream soaked my fingers. Pleasure rippled through me. I moaned around his cock as his jizz splattered across the roof of my mouth. I gulped it down. It was amazing. A wonderful thrill. Stars danced before my eyes as I reveled in this moment.

“Goddamn, this is amazing,” groaned the man.

It was. I loved sucking his cock. The pleasure surged through my body. I nursed on his cock. I loved the taste of him. The feel of him in my mouth. Sadly, the last of the cum had already fired into my mouth. I wanted more.

I had to keep sucking. 


Dean Michaels

“Shit,” I panted as the woman kept sucking me. It was such a great delight to feel her loving my dick. She didn’t have any hesitation. She didn’t act like she was being forced. The sound waves had overridden her normal brain function. To her, she wanted to suck my cock. She couldn’t tell the difference from this intrusion from any other thought or impulse she normally had.

I smiled in delight, my dick throbbing as the arousal protocol worked.

I stayed hard.

My dick throbbed from the first orgasm and the black-haired woman kept sucking me. I shuddered and glanced out at the twin sisters at the swings. They looked the same age as my youngest daughter. Eighteen and nubile. Brassy-brown hair that fell down their bodies, hazel eyes, with round breasts. They wore skinny jeans and matching V-neck blouses, one pink the other purple.

I turned to my laptop as the black-haired woman kept sucking my dick, hungry for more of my cum. I figured out what were the two twins’ codes and typed the commands: 049AC4,F40B20; desire to show off their naked bodies and grope their tits to 840F21.

The two girls no longer looked bored. They hopped to their feet and then darted over to me. They both had these cute smiles on them as they rushed over to me, drawing up their shirts. I groaned, my dick throbbing in the black-haired woman’s mouth at the sight of the two girls pulling off their blouses.

“Oh, my god, I just want to show you my titties,” Purple-Shirt Twin said. She stood on the right side, her brassy hair swaying about her shoulders. Her cream-hued bra constrained her tits.

“And my pussy,” said Pink-Shirt Twin. She flashed me a dazzling smile as she reached behind her to unfasten her black bra. “Hot, right?”

“Yeah,” I said as the woman stopped sucking my cock for a moment. I wondered what she was thinking. Then she started sucking again. Her mouth worked up and down my dick. The pleasure shot through me. “I’d love to see your tits and pussies.”

The twins both giggled as they bared their round breasts together. Their tits were identical, round and perky, pink nipples swelling hard. They both had dimples shining in their cheeks, their hazel eyes flashing. Their slender hips rocked from side to side, their tits swaying as they unfastened their jeans.

Both girls kicked off their sandals and then shoved down their jeans together. I groaned at the sight of their lithe legs. They were the same age as my daughter. As the girls I taught who were always teasing me with their naughty bodies.

“Shit,” I groaned as more and more of their legs came into view. Then they were down to panties. Pink-Shirt had a black and lacy affair while Purple-Shirt had a soft pair of satin panties, the same creamy hue as her bra. 

“Ready?” Pink-Shirt Twin said to her sister.

“Yep! Let’s flash our pussies!”

My dick throbbed in the woman’s mouth as the twins shoved down their panties right there in the middle of the park. I groaned in delight at the sight. Their trimmed, brassy-brown bushes came into view, their tight pussy lips blushing through their silky hairs.

It was such an electrifying sight. I couldn’t believe I was seeing this. My heart thundered in my chest. It was incredible. I just wanted to fall to my knees and inhale the scent of their twats. To feast on their nubile pussies.

This was amazing.

“Look at our titties, Mister,” said Pink-Haired Twin. She cupped her tits and jiggled them.

“Yes, yes, yes!” gasped Purple-Haired Twin. “Aren’t they amazing?”

“Yes, they are,” I groaned, my dick twitching, throbbing. I stared at those lush, round, youthful titties gripped in their hands. Their fingers dug into their flesh. They massaged their tits, juices beading on their pubic hair.

My heart pounded in my chest. This heat surged through my body. The pressure rose in my cock again. This was so exciting. These two delicious and naughty girls were showing off their bodies like I’d always imagined.

And they were twins. Identical, beautiful twins.

“Fuck those are beautiful!” I howled as I came in the woman’s mouth a second time.

“Yay!” Purple-Shirt Twin howled. 

Pleasure slammed through me. Blast after blast of jizz fired into the woman’s mouth. She gulped it down. She swallowed with hunger. I shuddered with each blast. I growled as the stars burst before my eyes.

I stared at those identical titties, the girls beaming at me as they fondled me. The woman sucked down my cock with hunger. She swallowed my cum with eager delight. The twins giggled as they stared at me.

“Are you cumming down her mouth?” Purple-Shirt Twin asked.

“Yes,” I growled.

“That’s pretty kinky,” the other said. 

“Uh-huh,” I groaned, my orgasm peaking as the girls kept fondling their tits, happy to show them off. This machine was working even better than I could imagine. It was beyond my hottest dreams. I was so excited about this.

My orgasm passed, the woman kept sucking. She had the desire to blow me. I reached over and typed a new command for her: A040C18; pause: last instruction; desire to masturbate and watch 049AC4,F40B20,840F21.

The woman popped her mouth off my dick. “Mmm, that was good and… Oh, my look at you two. Just fondling yourselves. Mmm, yes.”

The woman kept masturbating. My aching dick throbbed as the girls giggled again. They were so sexy. I pulled the computer onto my lap, my cock thrusting up before it, bobbing and twitching, soaked in saliva.

“What are your names, girls?” I asked. “I’m Dean.”

“Debra,” said the one wearing the pink shirt. 

“Denise!” She squeezed her tits. “Mmm, what are you doing?”

“Oh, just arranging for us to have some fun,” I said as I typed: F40B20; pause: last instruction; desire to have pussy eaten by 049AC4; run incest protocol. 049AC4; pause: last instruction; desire to eat F40B20 pussy while being fucked by 840F21; run incest protocol.

“Oh, my god, I need to have my pussy eaten,” said Denise. She slipped down to the grass on her back. “Debra, you just got to eat my pussy. Ooh, I just want my twin sister to devour me.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” gasped Debra. “That sounds amazing. I would love to eat you out.”

“Oh, my,” the woman moaned, masturbating faster. “But you’re sisters. That’s incest.”

“I know,” moaned Debra as she fell to her knees between her sister’s thighs. Then she glanced at me. “Dean, would you fuck my pussy as I eat out my sister?”

“Of course I would love to,” I said, setting my laptop to the side. “And nothing wrong with some twincest, right, girls?”

“Right!” Denise moaned. “I need you to eat me. I’m so wet. Showing off my tits was so, so hot. Let’s do some twincest!”

“Yes!” Debra moaned.

Debra buried her face into her twin sister’s pussy and licked. Right here in the park, for all the world to see, she devoured her sister’s cunt with relish. She feasted on it like it was the best thing in the world. At the same time, she wiggled her cute rump at me, her brassy bush soaked with her juices. A bead ran down her thighs.

I rose to my feet, my cock thrusting out over my boxers pulled down just enough to free it. My jeans slid down. The woman masturbated and moaned as I shoved off my pants, pulling off my shoes in the process. Then I ripped off my t-shirt, the warm sun kissing my back. 

“Yes, yes, yes!” moaned Denise, squirming on the grass, her little breasts jiggling. “Debra! Oh, Debra, that’s so much better than masturbating.”

“I know!” Debra panted. “Why didn’t we think of doing this earlier?”


I moved behind Debra, my dick throbbing and aching to enjoy this hot delight. I fell to my knees, my cock smacking the eighteen-year-old girl in the ass. Her butt-cheeks rippled from the impact. I groaned, my chest squeezing tight.

This was it. This was what I had dreamed of. The chance to fuck a girl the same age as my daughter. My dick throbbed as I shifted my dick down. I dragged my cock over her pussy. I slid through her silky bush. I shuddered at the feel of her hairs on my cock. The heat of her pussy. This was incredible.

“Fuck me!” Debra moaned into her twin sister’s twat.

“Yes, yes, fuck my sister!” Denise moaned. “Oh, my god, she’s licking my pussy. She’s feasting on me.”

“Yes, yes, fuck them!” moaned the masturbating woman. “I love this! I’m going to cum! Ram that dick into her!”

I guided my cock to the entrance of her pussy and groaned when I felt her hymen. She was a virgin. This was perfect. I pressed against her maidenhead, feeling it stretch and stretch. She whimpered into her sister’s pussy.


Her cherry popped.

My dick buried halfway into her tight, pure depths. I groaned at her cunt wrapped around my dick. I shuddered, this amazing heat rushing through me as I went deeper and deeper into her cunt. That wonderful passion slid around me. She engulfed me with her amazing pussy. Her eighteen-year-old snatch embraced my cock.

I bottomed out in her. Every inch of my dick was in the girl’s cunt. Pleasure surged through me. She moaned, licking her twin sister’s twat. I stared at Denise, her face twisting in pleasure as she humped against Debra’s mouth. Denise’s breasts had such a naughty jiggle to them.

I drew back. Debra and I both moaned. It was incredible. The friction was intense. Her pussy was so tight around my dick. So juicy. The pleasure at the tip of my cock felt amazing. This heat soaked into my dick.

“Jesus!” I groaned.

I slammed forward. I buried deep and hard into the girl’s twat. She gasped, her back arching. She wiggled her hips, squirming her tight cunt around my dick as she feasted on her sister. Denise moaned. Debra groaned.

I was in heaven.

I pumped away at the girl’s juicy twat. I buried into her again and again. The silky friction massaged my cock. The ache built and built at the tip. This powerful eruption that would make me cum so hard and deep into her. My balls smacked into her twat. She moaned and wiggled her hips from side to side, stirring her pussy around my cock.

I groaned, my hands caressing her hips. Her sides. I stroked Debra’s body as I watched the back of her head. She moved as she feasted on her sister, making Denise whimper and gasp. It was so incredible. They enjoyed their incest.

“Yes, yes, you’re devouring your twin and loving it!” I moaned.

“I am!” Debra purred. “And your cock! Oh, Denise, his cock is so far into me. It’s even better than we imagined.”

“Oh, that’s hot!” gasped the woman. “Fuck that little slut. God, she’s the same age as my daughter.”

My dick throbbed at that. The heat surged through me. I plowed forward hard and fast into Debra’s cunt. My balls tightened. I buried deep into the girl’s twat, my balls smacking into her clit again and again.

I would fire so much jizz into her.

I would pump her full of my cum. Kinky ideas burned through my thoughts. My stroking hands gripped her hips. I held her tight as I buried deep and hard into her. I rammed into her deflowered cunt, her perky butt-cheeks rippling from the impact of my crotch.

“Oh, god, Debra!” Denise moaned. “Keep sucking on my clit! Oh, this is so much better than masturbating. I’m going to cum on your face.”

“Yes, yes, cum on your sister’s face!” hissed the masturbating woman. “Just do it. Flood her with all those juices. Bathe her face.”

“I will!” gasped Denise. “Just… Just… Debra!”

I almost stopped fucking Debra at the sight of her twin sister cumming. Almost.

It just felt too good to stop pumping in and out of the girl’s twat. My eyes were locked on Denise as she writhed through her orgasm. She bucked. She moaned. Her breasts heaved. Pleasure spilled across her face. She experienced incestuous passion.

Flashes of Dusk licking June’s pussy flooded through my mind.

“Fuck!” I growled and erupted into Debra’s pussy.

She gasped as my cum fired into her twat. Hot pulses of jizz that surged through me. I groaned, my heart pounding in my chest. The heat surged through my body. Every blast of cum exploded out of me. It fired into her cunt.

She squealed into her twin sister’s pussy and then she joined me. Her pussy writhed about my cock. That wonderful, spasming twat milked me. I groaned, my heart hammering in my chest at the passion rippling around my dick.

“Yes, yes, cum in me!” she moaned.

“Is he?” Denise asked. “Hot! Oh, yes, yes! I’m cumming so hard! Lick up my cream!”

The intense rapture was incredible. I shuddered, savoring every moment of my cock erupting into her cunt. The pleasure slammed into me. I gripped her hips and hit that height of rapture. I swayed there for a moment.

My orgasm died. Her pussy rippled around me still, her climax burning longer than mine had. I shuddered, savoring the massage of her youthful twat. She purred, licking and lapping at her twin’s cunt. Denise shuddered, her face twisting with passion.

I wanted to stay in Debra’s cunt, but I had other ideas. I ripped my cock out of her pussy.

“No!” gasped Debra. “You have to keep fucking my pussy. I need more.”

“Fuck her cunt!” hissed the woman, her tits heaving in her tank top as she came again, bucking on the bench. “Just ram that big dick in her. She needs it.”

Debra kept licking her sister’s pussy as my jizz dribbled out of her pussy, staining her bush. I wanted to stay in her, but I had commands to give. I knelt down before my computer and quickly started typing, pausing both the twins’ current command but keeping the incest protocol running.

“Oh, my god, that was incredible,” Denise moaned. 

“Yeah,” Debra panted. I glanced behind me to see Debra sitting up, her face soaked in her sister’s juices. A sweet musk drifted on the wind.

“Don’t stop!” whimpered the masturbating woman. “Incest is so hot to watch.”

I smiled and then I typed in new commands. 


Denise Carter

“You got to lick me clean of all of Dean’s cum,” Debra said, crawling up my body. Her round tits swayed. “Can I sit on your face?”

“Oh, my god, I was just thinking the same thing,” I moaned, staring at her mouth and cheeks soaked in my pussy juices.

She smiled and kissed me as this lust burned through me. I was so horny. I needed my cherry popped now. Luckily, that sexy Dean was here. He was as old as our father but looked hot with those glasses and his dark hair. Like Mr. Morrison at my college. He was a professor I had a crush on for a while. 

I whimpered into my sister’s lips, tasting my own pussy juices. That was so naughty. Incest was amazing. Debra and I should have been doing this from the beginning. That would have been hot. Sure, we’d masturbated in the same room—we were twins—but we never did it together. We just… pretended the other wasn’t fingering her twat.


Debra broke the kiss and then threw her leg over my face. I stared up at her brassy bush stained in pearly cum. I’d given a blowjob before, so I knew what cum tasted like. But I’d never licked pussy. I breathed in.

My sister smelled like I tasted.

“You got to pop her cherry,” moaned Debra as she lowered her pussy to my hungry mouth.

“Oh, god, yes,” moaned the black-haired woman watching. Was she Dean’s wife? She looked sexy with those big boobs. I bet the boys at my college would call her a MILF and a cougar.

Then Debra’s twat was on my face. Her silky pubic hair rubbed on my lips and nose, smearing her pussy cream and his cum on my face. I shuddered as the naughty flavors mixed in my mouth. My twin’s sweet juices and Dean’s salty spunk. My tongue licked out.

Debra moaned. 

Her butt was right before my eyes. It clenched and her back arched. Brassy hair swayed about her shoulders as she shuddered on me. Her hips wiggled, rubbing her bush across my face. My tongue darted out again and again.

“You taste good with Dean in you,” I moaned.

“I can’t wait to eat you out again!” Debra moaned.

“Really?” Dean asked in some surprise. “I didn’t type that in.”

What did that mean? I didn’t care. My tongue darted through my sister’s twat. I licked and lapped and enjoyed every moment of feasting on her while my pussy grew hotter and hotter. I needed to be deflowered. I ached to feel Dean’s cock in me.

Hands grabbed my thighs. Masculine hands. I groaned as he lifted my hips. A hard cock nuzzled into my pussy. I shuddered and thrust my tongue deep into my sister’s deflowered depths. I tasted salty cum and her sweet juices.

“Oh, yes,” my twin moaned. “Mmm, let me help you deflower my sister. She needs it.”

“I bet she does,” Dean groaned. “If she’s like you.”

Debra giggled. “She sure is. We’re the same. We love doing the same things.”

We did. 

I stroked my twin’s thighs as I swirled my tongue through her depths. I shuddered when Dean’s cock pressed into my pussy. Hard and stiff. He slid through my folds and found my hymen. I gasped at that naughty sensation. He was going to fuck me. Pop my cherry.

What an exciting day at the park.

“Pop her cherry!” moaned my sister as she squirmed on me. “Make her feel as amazing as me! Then I’m going to lick her clean.”

“Shit,” the guy groaned.

“Fuck her!” whimpered the watching, masturbating woman. “Just ram that cock into her. You’re fucking them both! Oh, my god, what a wicked day at the park.”

I shuddered as he pressed his cock against my hymen. I squealed into my sister’s pussy as it stretched and stretched. My fingers bit into Debra’s thighs. My stretching maidenhead started to hurt, this burning heat growing. 

Pain stabbed through me.

Pleasure burst inside of me.

My cherry popped and his cock buried in me so fast I could hardly parse out the sensations. His dick sliding deeper and deeper soothed away that sharp sensation when my hymen ripped. My pussy stretched and stretched over his cock.

“Goddamn, twin sisters!” groaned Dean.

“I know, lucky you,” Debra purred. “Deflowering us both. Ooh, yes, yes, Denise, lick that cum out of my cunt. I bet it tastes wonderful. Fuck her hard, Dean! Fuck my twin sister hard so I can eat her out!”

“Yes!” growled Dean.

He drew back his hips. My pussy clung to his withdrawing cock. It was a delicious sensation. I shuddered, my cunt squeezing down around his shaft. It felt incredible. Teasing me. Such a wicked sensation to enjoy while feasting on my sister’s cum-filled pussy.

Dean rammed back into me. His heavy balls smacked into my taint. His crotch rubbed into my pussy lips. My clit. Pleasure sparked, mixing with the delight he churned in my cunt’s depths. He drew back again and slammed forward. I shuddered as he reached so deep into me with each plunge. 

“I know,” Debra moaned, her hand rubbing my stomach. “It’s amazing, right? Feeling his cock in you.”

“Yes!” I gasped. 

It was better than getting my twat eaten out. Not by much, but it was so exciting to feel him plunging in and out of me, teasing me. The pleasure rushed through me. It was this amazing, wicked, delightful experience.

My cunt squeezed around him. This wonderful heat burned through me. My hips wiggled from side to side, stirring around his cock. The heat was incredible. It rushed through my body. I groaned, loving the bliss burning through my body.

My tongue danced and swirled through my twin sister’s cunt. I feasted on her as Dean fucked me. He rammed his cock in and out of me with fast, hard strokes. He gave me such a delight. Such rapture. I loved it. This was incredible. Something every woman needed to experience. I shuddered, the heat building faster and faster inside of me.

“Oh, my god, pound her!” moaned Debra. “She’s so excited. She’s licking your cum out of me.”

I was. I was searching deeper into her cunt, looking for more of that wonderful jizz. It was growing scarcer. I was licking up all his spunk I could find as he plunged his dick in and out of my cunt. He stimulated me. The pleasure swelled.

It was intense.

“Yes!” gasped Debra. “Fuck her!”

“Pound the little slut!” the masturbating woman moaned. “This is so exciting. Best day at the park ever.”

“Yes!” grunted Dean, his cock slamming deep into me.

I was coming closer and closer to that moment of exploding. Of erupting. I would cum so hard on his dick. I couldn’t wait. I shuddered, my tongue dancing through my sister’s pussy lips. No more jizz to lick out, just her wonderful cream.

My clit sparked with pleasure. His cock plunged so hard into me. The pleasure swelled. Then I shuddered on my back. My tits jiggled as I squirmed. Dean’s dick buried to the hilt in me. As it drew back, the stimulation burned through my pussy.

Set me off.

“Yes!” I howled into my twin’s pussy as I came.

“Shit!” Dean grunted.

I bucked and moaned. The pleasure flowed through me as my pussy spasmed around his cock as he buried back into me. My hungry flesh writhed about him, craving his cum. I whimpered into my sister’s twat.

“Is she cumming?” asked Debra, her silky bush rubbing against my cheeks as she squirmed on my mouth.

“Yes!” grunted Dean, burying back into me.

He erupted.

Hot cum flooded into my pussy. It was so intense to feel. I savored it. Having a man cum in me was so natural. So right. My twat spasmed harder. Intense waves of bliss washed through me as he spurted in me.

“Yes, yes, you’re flooding her pussy!” Debra moaned and then her juices gushed into my mouth.

I drank them down as the sparks burst before me. Stars showered through the darkness fuzzing around my vision. My orgasm consumed me. I bucked as I lapped up my twin sister’s sweet cream. I feasted on them.

Reveled in them.

Savored every drop of them.

“Oh, yes, yes!” she moaned. “This is so hot. Incest is the best!”

“Yes!” gasped Dean as I wrung him dry.

I buzzed, loving every moment of this orgasmic delight. I wanted more. I wanted it to consume me. It was the best thing in the world. The dancing stars faded while the amazing heat rippled through my body.

I could just be fucked by Dean and eat my sister’s pussy forever. 


Dean Michaels

It really worked.

That thought danced through my head as I pulled out of Denise’s deflowered pussy and headed for the laptop. She moaned about needing my cock back in her. Already, Debra was leaning down to lick her sister’s twat without needing my prompting.

I paused the command for Denise to need my cock fucking her and glanced at the woman beside me. Her daughter was here. I smiled and paused her masturbation routine. She shuddered, her face flushed and trembling.

“So, where’s your daughter at?”

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