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Kyle’s eyes began to open as he rolled onto his back. He looked around the room, not quite knowing where he was. However, the memories of the previous night soon came flooding back to him which sent adrenaline coursing through his veins and jolted him awake.

He turned to his right where he saw his mother. She was facing Kyle, still asleep with her mouth partially open and breathing softly. The bed covers only covered her bottom half and Kyle could see dried cum plastered over his mom’s breasts.

Kyle gulped, not quite knowing what he should do. After a few awkward moments, he decided to get dressed and head back to his room. Throwing the covers off of him, Kyle quietly stepped out of his mom’s bed and began to dress.

“Leaving so soon?”

Kyle gasped and looked up. His mom was awake, her head resting in her hand as she idly played with her hair.

“Erm…I was just…erm…” Kyle began, his jeans only halfway up his legs.

His mom smiled. “I hope you’re not having any regrets about what happened last night…you’re not, are you?” she asked, sitting up and shuffling across the bed and over to Kyle.

“No…it was fun…it really was” Kyle piped up, all too aware his cock was beginning to harden. He raised his jeans further up to hide it but his mom reached out a hand and stopped him from doing so.

“Don’t be embarrassed…it’s completely normal for a man your age to get one of those when they first wake up” she laughed, smiling at him and motioning to his erection which now stood out like an elephant in the room.

Kyle blushed and looked awkwardly around the room, glancing every other second or so down at his mom who continued to smile warmly up at him.

“I understand this is a weird circumstance, but I’m glad I got to experience last night with you” Kyle’s mother continued. “I feel closer to you than I ever have before, and I’ve been thinking about what you asked; so, if you would like to lose your virginity to me, I’d be more than happy to oblige.”

Kyle looked down and locked eyes with his mother. He was speechless, yesterday was such a crazy day and he was having a hard time keeping up with the twist and turns his life was taking.

“Come and shower with me and I’ll see if I can wake you up. Who knows, I might even find a way to get you to say more than three words to your own mother!” She laughed, getting out of bed and taking Kyle’s hand.

She was a few inches shorter than Kyle and had an hourglass figure with large natural breasts. It was strange, but Kyle was only now noticing her pubic hair which was slightly bushy. He could see better than ever just how caked in cum his mother was as she stood next to him. He looked down and saw the same flaky marks streaking over his own naked body.

His mother examined Kyle’s body too and suddenly took a sharp intake of breath.

“Ooo yeah that happens sometimes…” she said, kneeling slightly before using her finger and thumb to try and grab something on Kyle’s cock. He looked down, confused at what she was doing. But he soon gritted his teeth as his mom began to pull a long strand of her hair out from under his foreskin.

His mom laughed and flicked the hair onto the floor. “Come on, your sister’s stayed at their friends house last night so let’s make the most of it before they get back!” she said, taking his hand again and leading him out of the bedroom and across the hall to the bathroom.

Kyle stepped into the shower cubicle as his mom powered it on, sending hot water spraying down on the two of them.

“Not recording this time, are you?” his mother joked, winking as she squeezed some shower gel into her palm.

Kyle grinned as his mom began to wash his chest before moving down to his cock, caressing it softly and covering it in the white froth created by the soap. He groaned and tilted his head back.

“Is that okay? Not too sensitive, is it? I know how fragile cocks can become after an orgasm like the ones you had last night” his mother mused, gently massaging his testicles now.

“It’s fine” Kyle moaned, looking at his mother whose naked body glistened as water rained down upon her.

“Can we…you know…do it now?” he asked, leaning closer to her and resting his hand on her hip.

“Not just yet…I want to make it extra special for you. We’ll do it tonight, in my bed again” she replied, smiling at him and rubbing his cheek with her free hand.

Kyle nodded, unsure how he would last the rest of the day without going crazy.

“Would you like to wash me now?” his mom asked, handing Kyle the bottle of shower gel.

“Sure” he said, taking it and squirting the gel into his hands before raising them to his mom’s boobs as he began to massage them.

“How did I know you’d start there, hm?” she laughed as Kyle awkwardly smiled back.

He traced his hand over his mom’s stomach and her hips, covering her in foam and washing off the dried cum from the night before.

His mom began to wash her hair and she turned around so Kyle could wash her back. He gently massaged her shoulders, standing so close to her that his erect cock grazed against her ass cheeks.

“How’s the temperature for you? Not too hot is it?” his mom asked, glancing at Kyle over her shoulder.

“No, it’s fine” Kyle replied as his mom turned back around to face him. She pulled him closer as Kyle reached around and began to squeeze his mom’s ass cheeks, his cock poking his mom just below her stomach into a fair patch of pubic hair.

She leant forward and guided Kyle’s face downwards and towards her own face, slowly leaning in before taking the plunge and kissing her son on the lips.

He returned the kiss, the water raining down on them as his mom’s tongue began to explore his mouth. Kyle awkwardly tried to follow suite, but he had never kissed a girl and was struggling to find a rhythm. Oddly, after a few moments, Kyle couldn’t help but notice how strange this was and how uneasy he felt. It just seemed so much more passionate than the explicit sexual activities he had experienced last night, like the kind of thing he should be doing with a girlfriend his own age. Evidently his mother felt the same as she pulled away with an awkward expression on her face.

They didn’t have much time to dwell on this however, as the sound of a door slamming and Becca and Vicky’s distant voices brought them to their senses.

Kyle and his mom stared at one another, a shocked expression mirrored on their faces.

“Mom! We’re hooome!” Vicky suddenly called out from outside of the doorway.

“And we’re hungryyy!” Becca echoed in a sing-song voice.

“Erm, okay! Just give me a sec!” their mom called out, shutting off the shower and stepping out as she threw a towel over herself.

“Girls? Why don’t you go downstairs and turn the oven on for me, hm?” Kyle watched his mom shout out she handed him a towel.

“Ugh, fine!” Becca’s voice replied as the two twins bounded back down the stairs.

Kyle’s mom glanced back over to him and smiled. “It’s quite thrilling having a close call, isn’t it?” she said with a wink.


“So, what time did you two leave the club last night?” Kyle’s mom asked Becca and Vicky as she scraped a few slices of bacon onto their plates and sat down opposite Kyle. She was wearing pyjama shorts and an old t-shirt with no bra. Kyle couldn’t help but think this was for him as her nipples were clearly poking against the thin material.

“Erm…about two” Becca said through a mouthful of food.

“Did you both have a good time?” their mom asked, taking a sip of juice.

“Yeah it was fun” Vicky replied, her eyes glued to her phone.

Their mom rolled her eyes and smiled. “How have I managed to raise such vocal kids!?” she exclaimed, looking up at Kyle with a smirk.

“Well, what did you two get up to last night?” Becca snapped. Kyle nervously poked at his fried egg with his fork.

“Just watched a movie, nothing special. Right Kyle?” his mom answered.

“Yeah…nothing special” Kyle echoed.

“Where were you this morning anyway?” Vicky asked Kyle, finally looking up from her phone. “Your bedroom door was open but you wasn’t in there. Usually you’re still asleep at this time!”

Kyle glanced nervously at his mom who stared back expectantly.

“Erm…I’m not sure…I’ve not really been anywhere today…” Kyle answered awkwardly, scratching the back of his head.

“You might have been loading the washer, I did ask you to do that” his mom piped up.

“Ah yeah…yeah I was probably just doing that” Kyle said, grinning sheepishly.

“Yeah, well you missed some. There’s a pile of your clothes in mom’s room” Becca said as Kyle’s eyes bulged.

“I-I must have just accidently dropped them or something when I was getting mom’s washing” he replied unconvincingly. But it seemed to do the trick as his sister’s returned their attention to their phones.

Kyle looked up at his mom who was smiling at him, an odd look on her face. He could feel something tracing against his shorts. As he looked down, Kyle could see his mom’s bare foot rubbing his crotch from under the table.

Kyle glanced nervously between Becca and Vicky who both seemed to be in their own little world.

He watched as his mom picked up her phone from beside her plate and began tapping the screen. Seconds later, Kyle’s own phone buzzed from inside of his pocket. He grabbed it, mouth dry and heart hammering as he looked at the message from his mom: “Cock out. Now.” it read.

He looked up at his mom who bit her lip and nodded. Kyle gulped and did as he was told, unzipping his fly and pulling out his semi-erect cock. His mom scooted forward slightly in her chair and began giving Kyle a foot-job which caused his cock to become fully erect in seconds.

Kyle gripped his knife and fork tightly in hands as his foreskin was pulled back and forth over his shaft. He looked up again at his sisters who were none the wiser.

His mom continued to eat her breakfast, smiling away to herself as her feet stroked her son’s cock.

“Any plans for today, Kyle?” she asked suddenly, looking up at him.

“Nope, nothing for today” he said quickly. He could feel his face turning red as beads of sweat began to appear on his forehead.

“How about you two?” his mom asked Becca and Vicky.

Kyle looked at them and saw them each give one another an odd look.

“We’re just going to study in my room” Becca said, glancing at her sister with a smile who grinned back at her.

Kyle’s mouth went dry. They were planning on streaming again!

“Sounds productive” their mother nodded, now stroking Kyle’s cock slowly but firmly between her feet.

Kyle could feel the pressure building in him and knew it wasn’t long before he shot his load. He grabbed his phone and sent a quick message to his mom: “I’m going to cum”.

He saw his mom grab her phone and reply to his message: “I know x” it simply read.

Kyle bit his lip, his heart thudding quickly against his chest.

He glanced again at his sisters who were still glued to their phones. Becca had her knees pulled up to her chest and was resting her chin on them. Vicky was sat cross legged on her chair, leaning forward slightly and displaying a generous amount of cleavage as her baggy t-shirt hung down.

Kyle stared at his sister’s cleavage. She must have had an amazing body, Becca too. He continued to stare at it, lost in his imagination as his mom picked up the pace. He believed he could actually hear his foreskin being yanked back and forth, slipping on the pre cum which now lubricated his shaft.

He looked back at his mom who had been staring at him lost in his sister’s cleavage. Kyle gulped, hoping he wasn’t making her jealous in anyway. But the way she smiled only seemed to make Kyle think that she approved of this attraction.

His breathing became more ragged as he leant forward slightly, gripping his knife and fork harder than ever. His mom could feel his legs squirming around as if trying to help release his cock from between her feet. But she hung on, not wanting to miss this for the world.

Suddenly, Kyle let go of his knife and fork and covered his mouth with his arm. He bit into it to silence any moans and grunts as cum shot out of his cock in thick, gooey ropes, covering his mom’s feet and splatting down onto the tiled floor.

His cock jerked and pulsed violently as cum continued to shoot out of it, but this only seemed to spur his mother on who massaged his cock harder and faster than ever.

“What’s wrong with you?” Becca asked, looking over at Kyle with a confused look on her face.

“N-nothing…just feel a little ill” Kyle gasped, rubbing his forehead with his hands as he struggled to deal with the aftermath and the heightened sensitivity of his cock as his mom continued to stroke it.

“Well, you better not be sick on me!” Vicky snapped. “Becca, you ready to go study?”

“Sure thing” Becca replied. “Nobody disturb us please!” she added as they both pushed their chairs back and skipped away up the stairs.

His mom finally released Kyle’s cock as he allowed himself to groan in relief. She smiled at him, a smug and satisfied expression on her face.

She grabbed some paper towels and raised her legs up so Kyle could see the long, thick ropes of cum hanging down like icicles but swaying back and forth from his mom’s feet.

He watched his mom mop his cum up before balling the paper towels up and tossing them in the trash.

“Don’t worry about the mess you’ve made on the floor, I was going to clean it today anyway” she smiled at him as she stood up and began collecting the plates and putting them in the sink.

With shaking hands, Kyle tucked his cock back into his shorts and stood up. His legs felt as weak as jelly.

His mother walked over to him and leant close to his ear. “Why don’t you go and rest for bit…I want you to be full of energy for tonight…and I want the load you shoot into my pussy to be twice the amount of what you’ve just produced…”

Kyle stared gobsmacked as his mother grinned devilishly at him before turning nonchalantly away as she began to wash the dishes.


Kyle shut his bedroom door and collapsed onto his bed. He was breathing heavily as he attempted to process the events of the previous day, but he barely had time to rest before he remembered his sisters.

He jumped up and grabbed his laptop and opened up his internet history. It didn’t take him long to find his sister’s cam show. He waited as the stream loaded up, his heart thudding so loud it felt like the sound was coming from inside of his own head. But Kyle winced in disappointment as he was greeted with the message “Models are currently in a private room” once again.

However, he didn’t allow this to faze him too much as they would surely be doing more than one private show, and he was determined to be the next in line. He hopped off his bed and grabbed his credit card, tossing it beside his laptop as he stripped off his clothes before laying back on the bed. He waited patiently, his cock flaccid but twitching in anticipation as it slowly began to harden.

Suddenly, the message on the stream disappeared and was replaced with a close up of Becca. Her face was close to the camera on her laptop as she was finishing up reactivating the public view.

Kyle wasted no time and clicked the button to request a private show. He punched in his card details and sent the required $20 and waited in anticipation.

“Thanks so much Peter, we’re glad you enjoyed it! Oh, we have another eager viewer already!” Becca announced, smiling and turning to Vicky who was still off camera.

“Sorry guys, we’ll see you again in a moment!” Becca cooed as Kyle’s stream began to flicker as he was transferred to the private stream.

Becca pushed her laptop back so that it showed more of the room behind her. She then shuffled backwards and sat up on her knees as Vicky joined her, both dressed in just a frilly bra and panties.

“Hey sweety! What’s your name?” Becca asked as the two girls smiled at Kyle through the camera.

Kyle’s mouth was as dry as cotton as his fingers hesitated over his keyboard. He began to type a fake name before stopping himself and typing his actual name. It was a common enough name, and Kyle liked the thought of his sister’s thinking of him as they read it.

“Hey Kyle!” Vicky smiled, beaming and waving at him.

“So, you have us for ten whole minutes! What would you like us to do for you?” Becca asked sweetly.

Kyle thought he would have longer than this, but he knew he had another $20 in his account if he needed it.

“Both of you get naked” Kyle typed, straight to the point and not wishing to waste any time.

“Sounds good to me…what about you, Becca?” Vicky asked, biting her bottom lip and peering sideways at her sister.

“Exactly what I was thinking! I love it when a guy takes control…” Becca moaned, turning to help unclasp her sister’s bra as Vicky shrugged it off and dangled it on the end of her finger before laughing girlishly, her other arm covering her boobs.

Kyle stared in anticipation, his cock now rock hard and twitching slightly painfully after his most recent orgasm.

Vicky shuffled around to the back of Becca and unclasped her bra before Becca allowed it to slip down her arms and onto the floor, not bothering to hide her boobs like her sister had done.

Kyle stared open mouthed at Becca’s breasts. They were incredibly perky and firm with nipples so pale you could barely even see them. Kyle barely had time to register what he was seeing as she suddenly pulled down her panties and flicked them off her foot. Vicky then came back into view, also naked now. She was no longer hiding her boobs which were a mirror image to Becca’s but with a slightly darker skin tone as though she had recently used a fake tan. Both girls also had a shaved pussy, the only difference being that Vicky was sporting a thin line of pubic hair perhaps an inch long. Kyle’s sister’s had incredibly firm and toned bodies, yet were both thin enough that the outline of their ribcage could be seen whenever they leant over. Kyle couldn’t help but compare them to his mother who had a body which could only be described as more mature and experienced. It was like she was built for breeding, with her bigger boobs and curvier frame, whereas his two sisters were built for sex.

“What toys do you have?” Kyle inquired as his sisters read his message.

“Thought you’d never ask” Becca replied with a wink as Vicky pulled several objects out from under the bed.

“Dildo’s, vibrators, anal beads, hand cuffs, nipple clamps…” Becca sang out as Vicky laid a few of them out on the bed.

Kyle stared hungrily at the image before him. For the first time in his lift he felt in total control of his sisters.

“Becca, use the nipple clamps on yourself and use the anal beds on Vicky” Kyle typed, his mouth practically watering.

Vicky bent over and spread herself for her sister who sat up and grabbed the nipple clamps. It was one single chain with a small clip on each end. Kyle watched as Becca clipped them onto each nipple, wincing slightly as she did so. She then shuffled over to the camera and wriggled her boobs in front of it.

“Is that okay?” she asked as Kyle replied with a simple thumbs up emoji. Becca laughed and flicked the hair out of her eyes as she turned her attention to Vicky.

Becca picked up the anal beads and began to slip them inside of her twin sister. Vicky bit her bottom lip and shuddered slightly as each small bead broke past the barrier of her asshole. Kyle could see her toes curling in minor discomfort as she gripped the bedsheets.

“How’s that for you, honey?” Becca breathed, glancing up at the camera.

“Good. Leave the rest hanging out” Kyle typed back as Vicky showed the camera her ass which had a string of four beads dangling out of it.

“Now kiss each other and use lots of tongue” Kyle commanded as his sister’s smiled after reading the message.

They were knelt on the bed, facing each other as Becca stroked Vicky’s face with her left hand and gripped her waist with her right. They began to embrace, kissing one another and pulling back to show their tongues wrestling between them.

Kyle began jerking off to the scene, wishing for nothing more than to rush across the hall and join them.

Much to his delight, Vicky began playing with Becca’s boobs, squeezing them and pulling gently on the chain which connected the nipple clamps. Becca grabbed Vicky’s ass and pulled her closer before reaching up to grab her hair as the kissing grew more passionate and intense. Kyle wasn’t sure if they were acting or were legitimately getting lost in the moment. They were pressed so close together their boobs were squished against one another’s.

“Vicky, fuck Becca with the pink dildo” Kyle typed, his fingers shaking so much it’s a wonder he managed to type at all.

The girls read the message and smiled as Becca laid on her back and spread her legs for the camera.

Vicky grabbed the dildo and sucked on it for a few seconds before rubbing the tip against the slit of Becca’s pussy who groaned in pleasure. Vicky was bent over in such a way that her asshole was explicitly shown off in front of the camera; Kyle wasn’t sure if this was intentional or not, but from this angle the beads hanging out of her looked like some kind of silvery tail.

Becca began to moan as Vicky slowly slid the rubber dildo inside of her until it could seemingly go no further.

Vicky turned and smiled at the camera over her shoulder. “You like that, baby?” she smiled directly at Kyle.

“Yes” Kyle replied, now furiously jerking his cock as Vicky picked up the pace.

Becca’s tits bounced around in a circle due to the intensity of Vicky fucking her with the dildo which now seemed to slide in and out of her with ease.

After a few moments, Becca motioned for Vicky to let go of the dildo who shuffled back as Becca began using it on herself, gazing seductively into the camera and sucking on her finger.

“Mmmm…I wish this was your big, fat, juicy cock fucking me instead!” Becca growled, looking straight into Kyle’s eyes through the one-way camera.

Kyle had never seen his sister’s in this light before; it was like watching two completely different people!

“Would you like that, Kyle?” Becca moaned softly, peering up at the camera with her big eyes and innocent face.

“Yes…I’d love to fuck you both” Kyle typed, still jerking himself off as Becca giggled softly.

“Oooo this feels so fucking good!” Becca finally moaned, tilting her head back and closing her eyes as she continued fucking herself with the dildo.

Vicky was knelt next to her and seemed to be massaging her own clit as she watched her sister.

“Vicky, clean up Becca’s pussy with your tongue” Kyle ordered as Vicky licked her lips.

Becca pulled out the dildo and tossed it behind her as Vicky took its place and began greedily lapping at her sister’s pussy.

Becca groaned once again and pushed down on Vicky’s head as she continued to lap up all of her juices.

“Mmm…you taste so fucking good sis'” Kyle heard Vicky growl as Becca smirked down at her.

“And who the fuck told you to stop?” Becca grinned, biting her lower lip as Vicky giggled and continued to clean her up. Becca ran her bare foot down Vicky’s back, pushing against it every now and again when the feeling became too intense.

“Vicky, sit on Becca’s face. Becca, lick your sister’s asshole after you take out the beads with your teeth” Kyle typed. He was eternality grateful to his mom for making him cum earlier, as he was now jerking himself off hard and fast and knew he would probably last the entire ten minutes he was allocated.

Becca motioned for Vicky to read Kyle’s message. As Vicky drew back, long, thin strands of Becca’s grool clung to her mouth and chin and kept them temporally connected before they broke.

“Kinky boy!” Vicky exclaimed, getting on all fours to allow Becca room to pull out the anal beads.

Becca got off the bed and knelt on the floor as Vicky shuffled backwards which caused the beads to swing like a pendulum. Becca then grabbed the beads with her mouth by catching them with her tongue before biting down on them and gently pulling back. Vicky moaned loudly, so loudly in fact Kyle was sure he heard her directly from the other room! Vicky tilted her head downwards and moaned into the bedsheets as Becca pulled back, each bead popping out one at a time until the entire thread was dangling out of Becca’s mouth.

Vicky then sat up and positioned her legs so Becca could slide underneath her. They moved themselves closer to the camera so Kyle could see more clearly.

Vicky parted her ass cheeks and guided her exposed asshole down towards Becca’s mouth once she was in place. Kyle saw Becca’s tongue lash out and Vicky’s body instantly shuddered as it made contact with her.

“Oh fuck! Yeah, right there!” Vicky moaned as Becca held her in place by gripping her waist.

Kyle glanced at the clock…he only had a little over two minutes left!

“Grind your pussies against each other…scissor each other” Kyle typed, deciding this would be the image he wanted to cum to.

“Aw I was enjoying that!” Vicky laughed as she swung her leg over and laid beside her sister.

The duo shuffled closer together and parted their legs, edging nearer until their pussies were touching one another’s. They then began to grind against each other, with Becca propping herself up by pushing down on the bed with her hands, and Vicky holding herself in place by angling herself to the right slightly and gripping Becca’s leg for support.

Kyle could hear their bed squeaking through the speakers on his laptop as they began to get into a rhythm. He couldn’t help but notice how experienced they seemed and wondered how many times they had done this before.

Kyle continued to jerk himself off, his eyes glued to the screen. He allowed himself to get close to cumming before stopping, edging himself over and over again until the time was right.

Vicky repositioned her left leg so that her foot seemed to be massaging Becca’s right breast as they continued to bounce and rock about on the bed. Becca’s face was scrunched up as if trying to hold back an orgasm which was building within her.

“Oh fuck…I think I’m going to cum!” Becca moaned softly as if on cue.

“Ugh…yeah wait for me baby…” Vicky breathed, gazing intensely into her sister’s eyes.

Kyle took this moment to offer up one final command and typed; “Suck and lick each other’s feet.”

The twins didn’t need telling twice. They shoved a foot into each other’s face and began hungrily sucking and licking their feet just as Kyle had asked. He could see Becca’s tongue tracing between Vicky’s toes with an almost manic look in her eyes as her orgasm drew closer and closer.

Kyle couldn’t hold back any longer and commanded his sister’s to cum.

“Keep going…keep going!” Vicky panted, the pair now bouncing up and down wildly on the bed as Becca gripped the bedsheets so hard her knuckles turned white.

Suddenly, Becca started to grunt and wail, her face turning a deep crimson red as she began to orgasm. It was Vicky’s turn a second later as her body almost seemed to spasm as if out of control. Kyle jerked himself harder and faster than ever, pushing on past the point of no return as his cock prepared to shoot another thick load over his stomach. Moments before this happened however, his sister’s gave Kyle one last surprised as they both simultaneously squirted over one another. Kyle saw the clear juices squirting out of Becca and Vicky’s pussies and over the other’s chest and stomach. It was during this time Kyle’s cock pulsed violently and shot out a long rope of cum which splattered onto his own chest. He moaned loudly as the moans of his sister’s filled his ears as the three siblings all orgasmed at the same time.

Kyle’s eyes closed instinctively as his cock continued to pump cum over his stomach which rolled down his side and onto his bed. He lay there, his cock twitching as he finally forced himself to open his eyes. He could see his sister’s in more or less the same position he was in, on their backs and covered in each other’s juices. Their pussies were both convulsing as if they were alive and breathing, glistening in the sunlight which was streaming in through the window.

Eventually Becca and Vicky sat up and pulled each other into another deep and passionate kiss. Kyle stared, gobsmacked at how lucky he had been to find their cam show in the first place. He could actually see the aftermath of the squirting dripping down their bodies as they continued to kiss for another thirty or so seconds before they withdrew and turned their attention towards the camera.

“Did you enjoy that, Kyle?” Becca grinned.

“Did you cum?” Vicky asked, her eyes lighting up.

“It was amazing…yes I came so hard!” Kyle typed back.

“Mmm…I wish we were there to help you clean up…I bet you’ve made such a mess…” Vicky cooed seductively, slowly licking her lips.

Kyle grit his teeth together. He was seriously considering revealing who he really was. If they were anything like their mother, they would be in here and with him in seconds…

“We really enjoyed this Kyle, thank you so much!” Becca piped up, beaming at him as Vicky walked off camera and came back with a towel which she was using to pat herself down before handing it to her sister.

“Yeah! We really hope to see you around again!” Vicky said, sitting down next to Becca again.

The two blew a kiss at him and began to wave, smiling wildly as Becca reached forward and began to play around on the laptop. Suddenly, the stream cut off and left Kyle alone with his thoughts. A few moments later, the stream resumed and Kyle found himself back in the public stream where sleazy comments filled the chat box.

Roughly five minutes later, the stream cut out again as somebody else invited the girls into another private show.


Kyle must have fallen asleep during the following private stream as his room was suddenly much darker. He rubbed his eyes and sat up, grimacing slightly as his hand rubbed against the blob of cum still resting on his stomach. He grabbed some tissues from his bedside table and wiped himself down as his phone bleeped from behind him. He reached under his pillow and retrieved it to see a message from his mom: “You’re not having second thoughts, are you? x” It read.

Kyle stared in confusion at the message before swiping it away to reveal another one sent twenty-five minutes ago, also from his mother: “I’m ready. Come to mommies room when you’re ready too x”.

Kyle’s eyes widened. All traces of grogginess vanished from him as he read the message again. He gulped and shot her a quick reply: “Sorry, I must have fallen asleep. Be there soon x”.

He jumped up, adrenaline coursing through him as he looked around the room for some clothes to wear. He grabbed what he needed and rushed out of his room and into the bathroom, not caring in the slightest if his sisters saw him naked as he rushed across the hall.

Kyle quickly showered and washed off the streaks of cum within a minute before drying himself off and getting dressed. It did feel a bit strange for him to be getting dressed as he was sure he would be naked again very shortly, but it seemed like an even stranger idea to walk into his mother’s room without any clothes on.

Giving himself one last look over in the bathroom mirror, Kyle opened the door and walked down the hall, not hesitating in the slightest as he opened his mother’s bedroom door and entered before shutting it quickly behind him.

Kyle noticed the room was illuminated by various candles before he spotted his mother who was laid on the bed and wearing a silky red nightgown which stopped just above her knees. She looked up at Kyle as he entered, smiling as he took in his mother’s form in the warm lighting.

“How are you feeling?” she asked, sitting up slightly as Kyle felt his cock hardening.

Kyle didn’t answer. He was speechless. Instead, he allowed his primal urges to take over as he began to unbuckle his trousers, his eyes lost in the red silk which draped delicately over his mother’s body.

She bit her lip and sat up on her knees. “Come to mommy” she ordered as Kyle walked over to her. His mom grabbed his shirt and lifted it over his head before tossing it across the room. Kyle lent forward and kissed her on the lips who, to his immense delight, kissed him back. She helped Kyle pull his trousers down as their tongues explored each other mouths, both of them lost in the moment, all sense of awkwardness forgotten.

Kyle stepped out of his trousers and quickly took his socks off so he was completely naked. His cock stuck out, fully erect and pulsing as if sensing it was about to taste a vagina for the very first time.

His mother began jerking him off as they continued to kiss. Kyle’s hands swept underneath his mom’s gown before reaching around and groping her ass, becoming even more aroused as he discovered she wasn’t wearing any panties. He then grabbed the material and began to lift it up. His mom put her arms up to allow him to take it off her as he pulled it over her head and threw it down to the ground.

“Didn’t you like that? I picked it out just for you” his mother purred as she ran her fingers through her hair.

“I want you naked” Kyle grunted bluntly as his mom moaned in response.

The two of them wrapped their arms around each other and began kissing passionately again. Kyle felt his mom fall back which caused him to fall on top of her and onto the bed. She pushed Kyle off of her and onto his back before leaning over and taking his cock in her mouth.

Kyle moaned and began to fondle his mom’s tits as she sucked his cock whilst simultaneously jerking him off. Kyle felt on top of the world. He was brimming with energy, his hormones and impulses taking over his senses completely.

“Ugh, mom!” Kyle moaned a minute or so later which caused his mom to withdraw. She could see his features had twisted up into a face she had come to know all too well.

“Don’t you dare cum!” she growled seductively, grinning mischievously as she leant down and began to gently nibble Kyle’s ear.

He moaned even louder as tingles shot through his body as his mom continued to bite and lick his ear, her breath flowing directly down his ear canal.

“That feels so good!” Kyle breathed as he closed his eyes and allowed his mother to toy with him. She eventually pulled back and smiled down at him.

“How you doing down there?” she ginned, glancing at his cock which was still visibly throbbing.

“It’s okay…I’m not going to cum yet” Kyle replied.

“Too right…you cum when mommy tells you too, got it?” she replied, somewhat sternly.

“Yes, okay” Kyle nodded.

“Good boy” his mom grinned, stepping over Kyle and resting her knees at either side of his head.

Kyle noticed his mother’s pussy was now completely shaven as she positioned it in line with his mouth.

“Just for you” she said, noticing Kyle staring. Kyle looked up and could no longer see her face due to her large breasts standing in the way.

He began to lick his mother’s pussy again as she rocked her waist slowly back and forth. Kyle once again felt her juices trickling down his tongue and that odd metallic taste whenever his tongue grazed her clit.

“Mhmm that’s it baby…” Kyle heard his mom breathe. In truth, he wasn’t exactly sure how he should be doing this, but he knew he had to be doing something right as he could taste and feel his mom becoming wetter by the second.

She suddenly repositioned herself and turned the other way and straddled Kyle in the “69” position. Kyle could see his mother’s asshole practically pulsing an inch away from his face, glittering in her juices which had trickled down from her pussy.

Kyle moaned when he felt the familiar warmness of his mom’s mouth close around his cock again. He tried to distract himself and shut his eyes, purely focusing on lapping at his mom’s pussy.

He gripped her ass cheeks and massaged them, his thumbs agonizingly close to his mother’s asshole as he dared himself to caress it. He gave into temptation and ran his thumb over it. His mom shuddered slightly but gave no hint she didn’t approve as he suckled her clit and massaged her asshole.

Kyle confirmed he was doing well when his mother sat back up and groaned loudly, her pussy and ass now completely covering Kyle’s face. He considered himself lucky to have taken a breath when he did as he now found he was completely smothered and couldn’t breathe! However, his mom must have realised this as she soon rolled off him and spread her legs, gazing at Kyle like a thirsty vampire as she massaged her own clit in front of him.

Kyle locked eyes with her, his mouth covered in her grool as he began to jerk his own cock which was covered in his mom’s spittle.

“Do you like watching mommy play with herself?” Kyle’s mom asked, biting her lip.

“Yeah…yeah I do” Kyle groaned back, edging himself like he had done when watching his sister’s.

His mom laughed and tossed the hair out of her eyes. “Are you ready to fuck me now?” she asked, her mouth practically drooling at the thought.

Kyle didn’t answer but instead got up onto his knees as if hypnotized. His mom grabbed his arms and pulled him on top of her.

“You ready baby?” she asked again, breathing heavily.

“Yes…put me in…!” Kyle replied frantically as his mom grabbed his cock and guided it into her pussy. Kyle groaned loudly as his shaft entered her. He pushed forward and slid inside until he couldn’t go any further. He stared, eyes wide at his mother who gazed back at him.

For the first time in his life, Kyle began to fuck a woman. He wrapped his left arm around the back of her head and propped himself up slightly with his right as he began to thrust in and out of her.

He was so nervous, excited and in shock that all feeling of wanting to cum had vanished. He picked up the pace, his stomach practically slamming into his mom’s as he got lost in the sensation.

His mother began to kiss him again, purposefully licking her grool off his mouth in the process.

“Look at you go!” his mother moaned breathlessly as Kyle continued to fuck her with as much pace as he could muster, so hard and fast that his legs were beginning to ache.

He slowed down, propping himself up further and looking down at his cock as he withdrew it so only the tip remained inside of her before suddenly thrusting himself all the way back in.

His mother loved this as she gasped loudly. “You’re a fucking pro at this!” she moaned, kicking her feet out against the bed sheets.

Kyle could feel sweat practically running down his back as he did this several more times, his arms physically shaking as he struggled to hold himself up.

“Get on your back” his mom breathed in his ear. Kyle did as he was told and pulled out of his mom and laid on his back as his mother knelt over him. He could see his cock glistening in his mom’s juices as she took it and guided it to her pussy before coming down on it, her mouth open as if in an inaudible gasp.

She began to bounce on top of him, the bed creaking and moaning as she did so. Kyle felt hypnotised by his mother’s breasts which bounced up and down wildly as he stuck his hands out to grab them.

“You can do better than that!” his mother breathed as she leant forward and dangled her breast over Kyle’s mouth. Kyle wrapped his mouth around one of her nipples and began suckling it as his mom continued to fuck him relentlessly.

“Yeah…suck on mommies booby…come on…come on!” she moaned, her hands gripping the bedsheets behind Kyle’s head.

She pulled her nipple out of Kyle’s mouth and positioned her other one in the same place. Kyle sucked and gently nibbled on this one until it was just as erect and puffy as the other one.

His mother sat back upright as Kyle sat up too, wrapping his arms around her waist and resting his face between her boobs which were still bouncing up and down. She rubbed them in her son’s face who kissed and licked them hungrily.

“You just love mommies boobies…don’t you?” she growled as Kyle looked up to her.

“Yes mommy” he moaned, his fingers digging into her back as the urge to cum came racing back.

“I-I think I’m going to cum!” he announced moments later as his mother stroked his hair and kissed his forehead.

“Good boy…cum for mommy…cum inside of me…please!” she begged breathlessly as Kyle fell back onto the bed and clung onto his mother’s thighs.

“Oh fuck…oh fuck!” Kyle moaned, legitimately feeling as though he wouldn’t be able to handle the intensity of the orgasm which was seconds away.

“It feels too good!” he spat out, his hands now gripping the bedsheets as his head tossed and turned.

“It’s okay…just let it all out for mommy, okay? Can you do that?” Kyle’s mom gasped as she held him in place by placing her hand on his chest. “Mommy will look after you!”

“Ah…ughh…ah…no!…Plea-ughhh FUCK!!” Kyle stammered, his face twisting in anguish as his mother felt what can only be described as an explosion of cum erupt from her son’s cock and fill up her pussy.

Kyle thrashed about under his mother who had to steady herself to keep in place. She pressed down, not wanting to waste a drop of cum as her son ejaculated violently inside of her.

She grabbed his wrists and held them in place, genuinely feeling slightly concerned at the intensity of his orgasm and the amount of cum he was producing; she had never experienced anything like it!

“It’s okay…I’m here…” she cooed softly into Kyle’s ear as the orgasm subsided and Kyle began to calm down.

He slowly opened his eyes and looked at her, still involuntarily grunting every other second.

His mother smiled at him. “You’re a man now” she grinned, kissing him gently on his cheek.

“Th-thank you” Kyle groaned weakly.

His mother began to raise herself up and off of him as Kyle’s face twisted again at the sensation. His cock flopped out of her as cum spilled out of his mom’s pussy like a waterfall, down onto Kyle’s cock and legs as she rolled over and laid next to him.

“Such a big boy!” she cooed, examining the pool of cum which was forming on the bed between her legs.

“Sorry…” Kyle said timidly as his mom took his hand.

“Never apologise for that” she said firmly as she wrapped her arm around him and allowed him to lay on her chest.

They laid like this for several minutes before Kyle’s mom finally broke the silence.

“Have you ever fantasised about your sisters?” She asked slowly as Kyle’s head shot up to look into his mom’s face

“I…” Kyle began, mouth open as he stared at his mother. He gulped. “Yes” he croaked.

She smiled. “So have I…” she admitted. Kyle could feel butterflies erupting in his stomach.

“But…they’re not like you…not really. They would never do anything like this…” she said quietly as Kyle’s breathing became shallow.

She glanced at Kyle who was deep in thought. “What is it?” she asked.

“Actually mom…” Kyle said, smiling at her; “I think they would.”

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