More of my early sex life


Part five in the continuing story of Nick. It’s advised that you read the first four parts in order to know what’s going on and to preserve the continuity of the stories. You don’t have to though; it’s really up to you.

Constructive criticisms are always welcome. I try very hard to catch the spelling and grammar errors. If something slipped through, I’m sorry. I don’t have a professional editor to go over my stories.

I was dreaming, but not only of the girls I have had sex with. I was also dreaming of the women I hadn’t had sex with yet… Roy’s older sister Julie, Roy’s younger sister Anna, the hot English teacher, and even the not-so-hot-looking but sultry sounding Science teacher. There also seemed to be a number of women who I didn’t know, but who managed to blend nicely into my dreams.

The jangling sound of my alarm clock ripped me from my dreams and into the cold harsh light of reality. I slammed my hand down on the cursed thing and the bell ceased its infernal noise. After a few seconds I grabbed it off the night table, wound it up, and then put it back. I had a love-hate relationship with my alarm clock: I hated having to wake up every time the damn thing started ringing, and I loved that it was absolutely accurate, and required actual thought on my part in order to stop it ringing. All it asked in return was a nice winding up once a day.

As I rose from the comfort of my bed I started thinking about what this day may have in store for me. I was running on full automatic as I left my room and walked into the bathroom. Ah… no sister to slow down my morning bathroom routine.

As I adjusted the water for the shower a small thought that had been simmering just under my consciousness finally broke through and yelled at me, “It’s FRIDAY!!!”

I smiled as I pulled the shower curtain closed behind myself as I got into the tub and pulled the knob to start the shower. Friday… my first Friday since school had started. During the summer, Friday was like any other day of the week, there was nothing special about it. But when school is on, Friday is the day of the week all students look forward to the most. When school lets out for today it signals the start of the weekend; and all the fun that can be had during that time period.

I grabbed the shampoo bottle and squirted some onto my hand then began washing my hair. As the lather started to build up I closed my eyes and continued to scrub my scalp, enjoying the feel of the hot water as it hit the back of my neck and the tops of my shoulders. As I raised my head and backed up into the water to rinse the bubbles off my head I felt a rapid change in temperature as the shower curtain opened then quickly closed.

I opened my eyes to see my sister looking at me impatiently, “Finish rinsing your hair then change places with me. I’m running way behind this morning so you’re going to have to share the shower with me!”

As soon as the last of the shampoo lather was out of my hair she grabbed my waist and then slithered past me as she turned me to one side and then pushed me out of her way.

“Geeze sis… pushy much?”

“I told you, I’m running way behind and I don’t have time to wait until you’re done in here” she replied somewhat angrily at me.

“Okay, all right… you don’t have to bite my head off!”

“I’m sorry… I just can’t afford to be late.”

Whereas most guys would get all bent out of shape at having their naked sister jump in the shower with them, it really was a non-issue for me. We had grown up sharing our baths, washing each other’s backs and feet. While it’s true that it had been some time since we had done that our family’s liberal viewpoint of nudity in the house meant that I had seen her naked quite a few times since those shared bath times.

I grabbed a bar of soap and a wash cloth and started scrubbing myself starting at my neck and working my way down. I would stick the cloth under the flow of the water from the shower head from time to time before lathering it up again, continuing to clean myself until I got to my feet. I have always hated washing my feet… I still find it hard to balance myself on one foot while washing the other. More than once I had nearly lost my balance or slipped on the suds in the bottom of the tub.

“Do my back please”, my sister asked in the same voice she would use if she were asking me to pass her the potatoes at supper time. She had already turned around and was waiting for me to acquiesce to her semi-command.

“Sure, as long as you do mine, and my feet too, okay?” I asked her.

“Okay, sure… just like old times eh?”

I had to smile… the ‘old times’ had happened a few years ago as she had started puberty and became more self-conscious about her body. It appeared to me that when speed outweighed her desire to be alone she was more than ready to share the bathroom and everything in it if the need was high enough. This morning was obviously one of those times.

I ran the cloth under the water then lathered it up with the soap bar. I also ran the soap bar down her back from her shoulders before I started using the cloth to scrub her back clean. After a few minutes I announced, “Okay, I’m done.”

She turned around and let the water rinse the soap off her back before she again performed her little ‘trading places’ move, positioning me facing the shower head with my back to her.

I lowered my head as I moved under the shower head and let the water flow over my shoulders and down my back. As I moved back out from under the water I felt the soap bar on my left shoulder and then my right shoulder and then all over my back before I felt the wash cloth scrubbing the back of my shoulders and down my back.

Like me, she stopped scrubbing just above my ass. We could both reach that part ourselves, and that had always been the point we stopped washing each other.

I turned my back to the hot water and felt it rinse the soap lather off myself.

“Sit down so I can do your feet.”

I sat down in the tub and held my left foot up. She squatted down, grabbed my foot and gave it a good washing. She let go of it and I held my other foot up, and she gave it a good wash too.

“Thanks sis, I appreciate the foot wash.” I smiled kindly at her as she finished washing off my foot. Although it had been no small amount of time since we had washed each other I had really enjoyed the sensation of someone washing my back and feet. I always felt cleaner knowing that my back was cleaner than I could get it by myself and that I didn’t have to endure the treachery of a slippery tub just waiting to trip me up.

She smiled at me and replied, “And I appreciate the back wash Nick… we could do this more often.” As she finished speaking she opened the shower curtain and disappeared from my sight. I moved back and let the water run down my neck, shoulders and back. This was my favorite part of a shower… all cleaned up and just relaxing under the spray of the shower head.

After a couple of minutes I heard the hair dryer start up and listened to the ‘whooshy’ noise it made as she manoeuvered around her head. The pitch of the sound changed as the dryer got closer to her head, getting a little higher pitched before she moved it again to another area not so close to her head.

I knew from previous experience that there was no use in leaving the tub before she was done with her hair so I turned off the water and opened the shower curtain. I reached over to the towel rack and grabbed my towel, then began drying myself off.

When I was done I hung the towel over the shower curtain bar then sat down on the toilet seat, waiting for my sister to finish off her routine. I watched the hair dryer orbiting her head as she used a brush to style her hair. As she let her hair grow full length down her back it really wasn’t a difficult style to maintain… but it did take a while and some fairly dexterous movements to get it all dry; letting her head hang backwards and directing the hot air under her long mane of hair, all the while using the brush to keep the shape she wanted to achieve.

As I watched her, I was happy that I had a fairly short, low maintenance hair style… I didn’t even need to use the hair dryer. By the time I had dried myself off my hair was only slightly more than damp. By the time I had washed my teeth and sprayed on some deodorant my hair was dry enough to style with just a comb.

I also noticed that she had done some growing up since the last time I had had the chance to really scope her out. Except for her long hair, she looked to be just a younger version of my mother… she had gotten curves where she should and her breasts were on their way to becoming something she would be proud to strut when she wanted to. Her little bush was unshaven and dark, her ass coming along nicely. I thought to myself, ‘she is gonna drive the boys mad when she gets older.’

My reverie was broken as she announced she was done before slipping out the door and back to her room. I finished my routine and went back to my bedroom to get dressed.

All four of us where in the kitchen now, my sister and I having a quick bowl of cereal, my father with his briefcase and thermos of coffee giving my mother a kiss before heading out the door to his car and then on to work. “Have a good day kids!” he called over his back to us just before the front door closed. A minute later the car backed out of the driveway and he was gone.

Mom had already packed our lunches in brown paper bags and they were ready to go as we finished our breakfast. We rinsed our dishes under the kitchen sink faucet, stuffing our lunch bags into our school bags as we finished.

My sister and I both said, “Bye Mom! Have a good day” before she gave us both a hug and pushed us towards the side door. A minute after that we were walking down the street and on to our respective bus stops. Her stop was on the other side of the bridge, close to the ‘early risers’ bus stop for my high school.

She said, “See you later Nick” and gave me a friendly wave before she started to cross the bridge.

“Hey Nick, your sister seems to be nice to you” pronounced Roy as he stepped alongside me at the bus stop. His little sister Anna stood closely behind him and gave me a big smile.

Bill arrived in time to say, “Yeah, she’s not a bitch, like some sisters I know.”

“Julie’s not a bitch Bill… she just doesn’t like you that much” said Roy.

“Why is that? What have I ever done to her that she treats me so bad?”

Roy responded, “Well, I think it has to do with you groping her with your eyes, mentally undressing her every time you see her.”

Bill snorted quietly, knowing that Roy had put his finger right on the root of the problem. I wasn’t surprised… at school Bill was always running a bit behind the rest of the crowd as he would sometimes slow down, almost to a complete stop as he swiveled his head around, trying to take in the view of all the nearby women. Roy had called him a ‘Perv’ and Bill had defended himself saying, “I’m just a connoisseur guys… a connoisseur of pretty women.”

Soon enough the bus arrived, the door squeaking open as it rolled noisily to a stop. We all boarded and headed to our seats as the bus lurched ahead, accelerating as the driver, Terri’s mom, ran through the gears.

Roy, Bill and I were sitting in our seats for about half a second before Bill asked me, a leer on his face, “So Nick… I heard you got lucky last night.”

I blushed quickly; it seemed that everyone knew about my movements. “Yeah? What did you hear?” I quietly shot back, looking him dead in the eyes.

He seemed a bit unnerved by my serious tone and power stare.

“Well, I heard that you walked Heather home last night… only it took a long time, and she arrived home alone quite some time after you had left Roy’s place.”

He paused before resuming, “I heard that you and Heather spent some serious time together under the bridge before she got home. I also heard she had quite a damp spot when she got home.”

“How the hell do you know that?” I demanded; my quiet tone replaced with one quite a bit louder. “Who told you that?”

“No one told me! I just heard a couple of girls talking as I got closer to the bus stop. All I could really hear was, ‘Heather and Nick were under the bridge last night’, and ‘Yeah… she was dripping when she got home.’

I calmed down a bit, but still wondered who it was that Bill had overheard.

Roy nudged me with his arm, asking, “Really? Wow man, you don’t fool around when it comes to the ladies eh?” He grinned and continued, “Actually, I guess you *do* fool around with the ladies! So you actually fucked Heather last night under the bridge?”

I smiled a big, goofy smile and said, “Yeah… twice.”

“NO SHIT?!” Roy and Bill tried to whisper at the same time. We all looked around to see if anyone had heard us or was paying any attention to us. No one was looking in our direction though, so we continued, whispering quietly now.

“I thought you were just taking her home when you left my place last night” said Roy, the chagrin obvious in his voice.

“Well, as far as I knew when I left your place, that was all I was going to do, just walk her home. But when we got to the other side of the bridge, she led me down to the river bank, and then she got horny on me and fucked me blind.”


“Yeah, twice. We were all ready to leave, clothes on, when we stopped for a kiss. After we had kissed for a while, Heather got hot again and asked me to fuck her again before we left. So she pulled her skirt up and her underwear down until they fell to her feet, spread her legs, bent over, and I fucked her from behind.”

Rob and Bill looked at me incredulously. Although they no doubt were having trouble believing the words that were coming out of my mouth, they also both knew that I would have no reason to bullshit about such a thing.

“Geezus man”, Roy hissed. “You fucked her from behind? Really? Wow!”

Bill was sitting there, repeating quietly, “Fuck!” his voice a mere whisper.

Roy and I started to laugh, and Bill soon joined us. We laughed for a while then quieted down again.

“Did you get shit for getting home late?” asked Roy.

“Actually, no, I didn’t. Mom just asked me if Heather was happy when I had last seen her. I told her she was and then she told me to bag my clothes and have a shower. She seemed to know, somehow, exactly what had happened. It creeps me out sometimes how she knows stuff.”

Bill and Roy both said, “Yeah, I know what you mean.”

Changing the subject, I asked about the twins; their names and whatever other information they might have.

“The twins eh?” teased Roy. “Why do you want to know about them, they’re kinda boring you know; always whispering, or passing notes? And they’re nothing to look at either… they’re pretty flat all the way around, you know what I mean?”

“Well, apparently Sylvia and the twins all suck large at math. And I really suck at English, so the English teacher and my Math teacher think that the four of us could tutor each other in the subject we’re weak in. The first night of school I went to where Sylvia was baby-sitting as she helped me with my English course. The next day, she told the English teacher that I was really struggling with the course and that I would probably fail it unless Sylvia continued to tutor me.”

“You saw Sylvia your first night of school?” Bill asked, his jaw hanging slack and open.

“Yes I did… it was no big deal.” I said, trying to make it sound like it was the most boring thing in the world.

Roy leaned close to me and whispered, “Sylvia Marks, yes? We are talking about the same Sylvia, right?”

“Yes, it was Sylvia Marks. What’s the big deal, it was just a bit of tutoring?”

The both looked at me like I was an absolute fucking lunatic.

“Are you fucking kidding me?! Every guy in school would cut his limbs off just to be with her for a second! And you were nearly all alone with her, getting tutored by her, the hottest redhead in the county! I can’t fucking believe you man! You’re in school *one* fucking day and you are in the company of a hot, sexy woman that very same night!”

Roy continued, “Did you guys… eh… you know… fool around at all? What base did you get to, maybe?”

“It’s not nice to kiss and tell you know. And besides, if anything major had happened, I’m sure everyone would know all about it the next day. It seems like every move I make since school started has been talked about via the ‘grape vine’.”

I shook my head and continued, “I guess I’m just lucky with the way things turn out with women.”

“Fuck… I’d like to have your kind of luck” said Bill.

“Yeah… you wish” Roy snickered quietly.

“So… guys… what about the twins?” It seemed that my question about them had been forgotten about when we were talking about Heather and Sylvia.

“Uhm…” Roy started, “They are identical twins, when they dress the same and wear their hair the same, it’s really hard to figure out which one is which.”

Bill injected, “Their names are ‘Gwyneth’ and ‘Saundra’, but everyone just calls them ‘Gwen’ and ‘Sandy’. They’re 14 years old, and are ‘Brainiacs’ as well. They hang around with Sylvia all the time at school, and they live not too far from Heather’s place. They take the ‘early’ bus with Sylvia too. And as you’ve already seen, they’re nothing special to look at.”

I thought of how they had looked the last time I had seen them. They sundresses they had on yesterday were much more flattering than the ones they had on, on the first day of school… showing off their subtle curves and tiny breasts, the little nipples poking against the fabric of their dresses. I decided not to comment to Bill and Roy about how I’d seen the girls, they’d only tease me about it if I did.

The rest of the trip was spent talking about women, in general, and specifically about a few of the hotter looking ones.

“Lisa Marks is *HOT*!”, exclaimed Bill, “And built like a brick shithouse too!”

I remembered her running in to me and knocking me down… at the time it had felt like I had run right into a brick wall. I thought it would be best if I didn’t mention my little accident and subsequent ministrations by Lisa to me… me and my cock… that had been something that I had never imagined happening to me.

Roy added, “She definitely is the hottest chick on the cheerleading squad, that’s for sure!”

I closed my eyes for just a moment, picturing in my mind’s eye the vision of a naked Lisa squatting down in front of me, with three fingers pistoning in and out of her wet pussy just after giving me my first blow-job. What an experience that had been!

Although I knew from my previous experiences that the ‘grape vine’ was probably telling Lisa’s story, I also thought I shouldn’t mention it to anyone… especially Roy and Bill.

As I reopened my eyes I volunteered, “Yes, she is pretty hot I guess. I only saw her for a fraction of a second.” I lied through my teeth to them, not wanting them to even start to think that anything had gone on between her and I.

As the bus arrived at the school and we started exiting it I chanced a quick look at Terri and saw that she had a knowing little smile on her face and a dangerous twinkle in her eyes. As I continued to the picnic table for a quick smoke before classes I wondered what she was smirking about. After a moment I realized that Terri, like seemingly all the other women in town and school, had probably heard through the ‘grape vine’ about my exploits last night with Heather. I wondered what was on her mind, and whether or not I should be worried about it. The look she had given me promised something and I wasn’t sure if that was going to be a good thing or not.

As I sat on the picnic table and lit up a smoke I was thinking that whatever Terri had on her mind… I would probably enjoy it as much as she seemed to think she was going to.

I was facing the hill, watching the older kids smoking, when I felt someone sit down beside me. A quick glance showed me it was in fact Terri; she still had a cheeky grin on her face and a wicked twinkle in her eyes. We sat together for a minute or three, smoking our cigarettes and watching the kids sitting on the hill as they smoked their cigarettes, or, maybe a doobie or two.

“So,” she spoke in a low whisper, “I hear that you have been a busy little boy the past two days eh?”

I kept my vision focused towards the hill and replied, “I don’t think I had any say in what happened you know. It seems to me I was only along for the ride… I… uhm… wow!” I exclaimed, trying to change the subject, “You look really great today! That top looks *really* good on you, and those jeans sure flatter your ass and legs!”

She gave me one of her famous sideways glance… “Well it’s nice to hear you say that, a woman always likes to hear that sort of thing from a guy… but you are not answering my question”.

“You already know exactly what I have been up to. You know who, you know when, and you probably already know exactly what happened… why bother even asking me?” I asked, a fabricated note of weariness in my voice; a tiny smile appearing on the side of my mouth.

“I am curious… I wanted to know if you were the kind to kiss and tell.”

I replied, “You already know how I feel about that, *I* didn’t tell anyone about you and I and the shed. I like to respect a ladies privacy.”

“Oh… you still think I’m a lady do you?” Her eyes twinkled as she asked.

“Yes, and I will continue to unless you give me a reason not to.”

She leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Not a chance Nick, I *like* being treated like a lady by you.”

She blew a warm breath in my ear and my eyes went fuzzy for a moment and the feeling caused me to shiver a bit. It was a new experience for me… no one had ever done that to me before.

I quickly turned my head to look at her and saw a look of pure lust on her face and in her eyes.

“I *will* see you after last period today”, I heard in a voice that would brook no argument.

I gazed into those eyes and nodded my head slightly, acknowledging her proclamation.

“All right then, I’ll see you after school.”

“Okay”, I answered as I watched her rise from the table and head to the school doorway.

I took a final drag on my smoke before getting up from the picnic table. I dropped it on the ground and snuffed it out with my foot.

I walked inside to my locker and dumped my bag in it. A few moments later the door was closed and I was on my way to my homeroom for attendance and announcements.

While sitting in a seat in my homeroom I watched Mr. Kertz take attendance and then listened to the announcements over the speaker system. I was terribly shocked when I heard my name among the list of students who were to report to the office right away. I was further flabbergasted when I heard Sylvia and the twins were also asked to report to the office.

I felt a cold panic wash over me, I couldn’t think of anything I had done wrong… not counting the sexual encounters I had had. I looked over to Mr. Kertz and he gave me a kind smile. Maybe I wasn’t in as much trouble as I thought I was.

After the announcements were finished I made my way down to the school office. I saw Sylvia was already there and went over to her.

“What’s going on? Why are we here?”

Sylvia smiled and responded, “It’s okay Nick, don’t fuss about it. Look, here comes Gwen and Sandy.”

The four of us were clumped together as we reached the counter. I looked around a bit as a woman walked towards us. She was petite with lots of curves… ‘voluptuous’ was the word they used back in those days.

She looked at the four of us and asked, “Nick? Sylvia, Gwen and Sandy?”

We all nodded our heads in the affirmative.

“Good, please come into my office.”

We followed her to a fair sized office just to the right of where the counter ended. There were half a dozen comfortable wooden chairs arrayed in a semi-circle in front of her wooden desk. She moved behind the desk and made herself comfortable on a wooden office chair before motioning us to sit as well.

“My name is Mrs. Stern and I’m the vice-principal of this school. I asked the four of you to come down here so that we could talk about tutoring. I’ve spoken to your math and English teachers about this and they both agree that tutoring will be required by all four of you.”

As she spoke I gave her the ‘once over’ when her eyes were not on me. Although she was old enough to be my mother she was still a good looking woman. She was a bit on the short side and that exaggerated her curves quite nicely. I could understand that some people may have thought her to be overweight but that wasn’t the way I saw it.


I jerked my eyes back where they belonged and tried to look keen.

“Yes Ma’am?”

“Your English teacher, Ms. Jackson has told me that you are going to need a lot of help if you are to pass her course this year.”

I looked at the floor as I replied, “Yes Ma’am that is what she has told me.”

“Sylvia, Gwen and Sandy; your math teacher Mr. Johnson has informed me that all three of you seem to be struggling with his course.” I couldn’t help but notice how she put a particular emphasis on the word ‘seem’, as if she was having trouble believing that the three of them would be having trouble with any course.”

“Yes Ma’am, that’s true”, replied Sylvia. “We are finding the course very difficult this year and we will definitely need help with it.”

The twins nodded their heads in agreement with Sylvia’s statement.

“I see”, said Mrs. Stern. “I understand that Nick has already had some help from you Sylvia?” It was more of a statement than a question.

“Yes Ma’am, that’s right. We worked on it for quite some time the night before last.”

I wondered how she could keep a straight face as she spoke those words. I kept my eyes down… I didn’t need my face to betray my feelings.

“I see. I think that it might turn out to be counterproductive if all four of you were trying to tutor each other at the same time. I think that Nick should spend one or two nights per week tutoring Gwen and Sandy and one night tutoring Sylvia. Sylvia will tutor Nick at least twice per week, and then Gwen and Sandy can tutor him once per week. How does that sound to you all?”

The four of us looked at each other to gauge each other’s reactions to Mrs. Stern’s pronouncement. After a few seconds and many unspoken words we all turned and said, “Yes Ma’am” in unison.

“Very well then; I will expect to see improvements across the board from each of you. You are dismissed. Pick up a hall pass on your way out of the office and get to your classes.”

We all jumped from our chairs and went to the office counter to get our hall passes from the office secretary. As we exited the office to go our separate ways we agreed to get in touch with each other when we got home from school and had discussed the matter with our parents… logistics for this sort of issue was in the parental realm of matters.

The morning passed quickly enough, with science class so far being the highlight of the morning. I was again in the front row sandwiched between the twins. Looks of bemusement passed over their faces as they glanced at me and then looked back at each other. I could see the devil in their eyes and knew that I was going to have an interesting time ahead of me when the three of us were teaching each other. I had an idea that math and English were not going to be the only subjects we would be learning about.

I popped my books into my locker and grabbed my lunch bag, heading to the cafeteria. I saw Terri sitting alone but I knew better than to sit with her. I sat down six chair lengths away from her, sitting on the opposite side. We could still see each other, but no one would think anything of it.

As I ate my lunch I risked peeking at her from time to time, but only for the shortest amount of time. She seemed not to notice me but I did see the faintest of smiles on her face. I finished my lunch, threw the bags into the garbage can and went outside for a smoke.

I had just sat down and lit up my smoke when Terri sat down not far from me, but facing in a different direction.

“You are doing quite well at pretending not to be looking at me. I have to say I am impressed”, she quipped.

As I raised my head to watch the smokers on the hill I responded, “And I’m quite impressed you haven’t dragged me down to the shed and had your way with me.”

I ducked my head just in time to feel the breeze of her hand going by as she tried to smack my head.

“Ha! Either you’re getting slower or more predictable; you missed me by a mile!”

Moving with a speed that would put a snake to shame she moved her hand down to my crotch and gently squeezed my balls.

“You were saying?” Her grin was back, as was the mischief in her eyes.

“All right! I take it back! Please move your hand!”

As quick as it had arrived, her hand was once more back on her lap. She had turned so that she was facing the same direction as me and asked, “What is your last class of the day?”

“Actually, I have a spare for my last period”, I answered.

Her eyes lit up and she smiled lustfully, “So do I…”

We looked at each other for an instant before we turned our heads back again. I knew what she was thinking, just as she knew what I was thinking: we would have an extended amount of time after our last classes to spend together before we would have to take the bus home. We both had a sly smile on our faces.

I said quietly, “So… down to the shed after last class then?”

She gently shook her head from side to side and replied, “No, I have a much better place in mind for this afternoon.”

I looked questioningly at her as she continued, “After your last class, come out here and I’ll tell you where we will be going.” Her sly look was starting to worry me; I believed that she was capable of doing naughty things anywhere at any time, and that worried me… but only a bit. I was pretty sure she wouldn’t risk getting caught with her pants down; figuratively and literally.

She winked at me before walking back inside, her eyes lit up and twinkling brightly.

I checked my watch and decided I had time for one more smoke before heading back inside for my classes.

I had trouble concentrating on my classes that afternoon; Terri, with her sly smile and bright eyes, clouded my brain and obscured my thinking. I was in a fog and more than once a teacher had to spur me back to the real world. Time seemed to drag out into infinity; I was checking my watch every few minutes and cursing it for moving so slowly.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity, the bell rang, signalling the end of the last class of the afternoon. I made a point of walking at an easy pace back to my locker to deposit my books, and then outside to the picnic table.

As I sat down and lit up a smoke Terri appeared beside me and lit up one of her own. We both stared off into the far distance before she spoke, “That afternoon took for fucking ever to go by!”

“I know”, I replied. “But it’s over and now we have until the bus leaves to get up to no good.”

“Hmmm… that sounds good to me. Here’s what I want you to do: after I get up and head to the door, wait a bit and then follow me from away back. We’re going to be heading to the girls gymnasium, but we have to hurry. We need to get there before the cheerleading squad gets back from practicing outside.”

She stood and stomped her smoke out and headed inside. I waited for a bit then squashed mine out and started following her. When we got to the double-doors leading into the gym, she stepped inside and motioned me to come to her. As I stepped in, she closed the doors soundlessly and motioned me to follow her, while putting her finger up to her lips, gesturing for me to keep quiet.

We walked along the wall of the gym until we got to the opposite side. As we got nearer I could see that a portion of the wall was designed to roll upwards. There was a very short door right beside the roll up portion of the wall. Terri opened the door and motioned me inside. I ducked down low and entered through the door with her right behind me, closing the door behind us and plunging us into near darkness.

Although I couldn’t see very well Terri caught hold of my arm and led me straight ahead until we encountered another wall, where we turned and followed it until we got to the end of that wall. We stopped and sat down, our eyes slowly adjusting to what very dim light there was.

As my eyes became able to see a bit I could make out an outline of stacked benches. 

Terri said, “It’s the pull-out bleachers for volleyball and basketball games. They are almost never used and no one ever comes back here. What do you think?”

Instead of answering immediately I leaned over and put my arm around her, pulling her close to me. I moved my mouth close to her and let a hot breath from my mouth escape into her ear. As she moaned quietly I asked her, “I dunno… what do you think?”

She hissed into my ear, “I think less talk and more action would be an excellent idea.” After a second she said, “Don’t move, I’ll be right back!”

She quickly walked away and returned a few moments later with what turned out to be three blue gym mats.

“These will be much more comfortable that a hard floor.”

I really couldn’t see too well, but I could hear her arranging the mats on the floor. A few seconds later I could hear her telling me to move over to where she was sitting. I followed the sound of her hand patting the mats and soon was sitting right in front of her. She scooted towards me, spreading my legs until she was pressed up against my chest, with her legs firmly wrapped around my waist.

I moved my head until my lips met hers and kissed her deeply and passionately for what seemed a very long time. Our tongues met and snaked over and around each other, fueling our passion and our lust. Our arms roamed freely up and down each other’s backs, hugging us to each other until we finally broke our kiss with a slight gasp.

“You are a very good kisser mister.”

“Ah… I’m only as good as the person I’m kissing, and you are a most excellent kisser yourself.”

“Hmmm… let’s do that some more then”, she said with a husky edge to her voice.

Our lips met again, and our tongues restarted the game of give and take. I could feel Terri’s hands under my shirt caressing my bare flesh. I slipped my hands under her jersey and roamed her back and sides with my hands, her flesh feeling soft and warm under my touch.

After a few minutes of passionate kissing and caressing Terri removed her hands from me and pulled her jersey off herself and over her head. I heard her bra unsnap and land on the mat. I quickly removed my shirt and let it fall onto the mat.

Right then, we heard a loud commotion as the cheerleaders entered the gym to continue their exercises. I gently put my hand over her mouth and entreated her to keep quiet. She nodded her head and I took my hand off of her mouth.

Soon enough, our hands were once again roaming all over each other’s exposed flesh including our chests and her breasts. I caressed her soft breasts with my hands, working the flesh around and stimulating her nipples until they were rock hard.

“Suck them Nick” she ordered softly.

I relaxed my grip on her so that she could slowly fall backwards until she was lying on her back. I quickly brought my mouth down to her left breast and started suckling on it. My left hand moved up to her right breast and began squeezing and caressing it.

Terri moaned very quietly as I gave over all my attention to her breasts; sucking, fondling, caressing and gently massaging them. After a few minutes I moved my head away from her a bit and used both hands to pleasure her breasts as I licked and kissed my way up her chest to her throat where I planted little butterfly kisses all around her neck, front to back and side to side as well as nibbling gently on her ears.

As my tongue and teeth made tentative contact with her earlobe I heard her suck in her breath and hold it for a second before letting it back out again. At the same time I felt her hips suddenly twitch under me.

“Ooh… where did you learn to do that?”

“I told you before,” I said gently, “I read it in a book.”

“What book? What book teaches you how to pleasure a woman so well? Tell me!”

“Another time, but not today… I need to concentrate on what I am doing.”

“And what are you doing Nick? Tell me what you are doing.”

“You don’t know?” I asked quietly.

“I want to hear you say it… please.”

“All right then, I’ll say it. What I am doing is making sweet, sweet love to a beautiful, hot lady.”

“Oh geezus… I’m still a lady?”

“Yes you are, unless you give me evidence to the contrary.”

“All right then, please… continue.”

And so I continued; kissing and caressing her from the top of her head down to the top of her blue jeans. My hands, tongue and lips moved in no apparent pattern for no apparent amount of time. I wanted to keep her guessing where I would strike next, not giving her any time to figure out where I would be next.

I could hear her breath grow more ragged with each passing minute until she begged, “Please Nick, make love to me.”

This was, I thought, a different Terri from the first “in charge” woman I had first met. This Terri wanted me to make love to her, without any instruction on her part. And so, that is what I proceeded to do.

I again kissed her deeply and our tongues tangoed with each other as I slowly unbuttoned her jeans and pulled the zipper down. I moved my lips down to her breasts and then her tummy in time with my hands pulling her jeans down until I could pull them off of her feet. As my mouth continued its downward trip she began to moan softly.

I moved my head down until I was right in front of her pussy. I could smell her musky fragrance as I inhaled deeply of her sex and scent. My hands continued working carefully on her breasts as my mouth moved until it came into contact with her panties.

When that happened I got quite a shock… she was wearing crotchless lacy panties!

I let my tongue flick from as far down as it could reach upwards until it could reach no more.

“Ungh!” she groaned.

“You are full of surprises today, aren’t you?”

She moaned again as I let my tongue slide back down along her hot pussy lips.

“I know they don’t sell these kinds of panties anywhere around here, where did you get them from?”

When she didn’t answer right away I turned my tongue on her and lashed up and down her slit until she was moaning and trying to push her pussy closer against my face. I moved away from her, hearing her groan in complaint at the sudden disappearance of my tongue.

“Where did you get them Terri?”

“I can’t say. Please Nick, stop teasing me” she begged.

After another minute of tongue lashing I again asked her, “Where did you get them Terri?”

“Oh gawd… from Sylvia. I got them from Sylvia! Now please stop torturing me!” 

I felt her hands move down to the back of my head, pushing me against her pussy. Now that she had given up her secret she was wasting no time in making sure I was now focused on my task.

I moved my tongue slowly, letting it spread her outer lips and licking them lightly, on one side, then back to the other in small amounts until I could hear a light moan escape her mouth.

“Oh… that feels good… please don’t stop again.”

As I continued letting my tongue pleasure her pussy I thought, “Sylvia? She got them from Sylvia? How in the world? They are not even close to being the same panty size.” I made a mental note to find out more about Terri’s acquisition of a pair of crotchless panties. For now though, I turned my full attention to the task at hand, or mouth, as the case may be.

I let my tongue make slow motions up and down her rapidly moistening slit. I could taste the sweet nectar of her pussy and greedily lapped it up with my tongue, causing more pleasure for Terri. I widened my path until my tongue was licking and lapping at all the unexposed flesh there was down there. Although her panties were sexy, they were still in the way.

Terri whimpered as I lifted my mouth from her pussy until she felt my thumbs latch on to her panties and pulled them down and off her.

I quickly resumed my loving torture of her pussy, now completely exposed to my hungry mouth. As I used my tongue to lick and lap at her I pushed my tongue into her hole as far as I could, moving it around as much as I was able while inside of her.

“Uh… uhm… that feels good!”

My hands that had resumed caressing and teasing her breasts and nipples now moved down and between her legs, forcing them up and apart so that my mouth and tongue had unrestricted access to her entire groin and pussy area. I continued darting my tongue in and out of her hole, licking hard against her exposed flesh and causing her hips to twitch.

I used my fingers to spread her labia apart and exposed her swollen clit, now far clear of the hood it usually hides under. I let my tongue ever so lightly brush up against her clit and was rewarded with a sharp intake of breath from Terri and an involuntary push of her hips.

“Fuuuuuuck…” she moaned.

“Soon, but not yet” I answered.

Her moans increased in intensity as I continued my assault on her clit. I could feel with my tongue the increased size and accompanying sensitivity of it as I sucked it between my lips and battered it from side to side with my tongue. Terri was now bucking uncontrollably under me and I had to put my weight against her folded back legs in order to maintain contact with her pussy.

More than once I had to put my hand over her mouth and warn her to keep quiet as she was getting too loud to go unnoticed by the people who were in the gym. I finally warned her that if she couldn’t keep quiet I was going to stop pleasuring her.

As I sucked and lashed her clit I pushed two fingers into her and then curved them up to the spongy area that marked the location of her G-Spot. Moving my fingers to push against it provoked an immediate response from Terri who quickly jammed her fist into her mouth in order to keep her noise down to a minimum.

I moved my fingers in and out of her pussy while keeping up the pressure on her g-spot. She was unable to stop bouncing around with her hips and it was getting harder for me to keep her pinned to the mat.

I could sense that she was moving towards an orgasm, but it was taking too long to arrive. I took a finger from my other hand and moved it in and out of her pussy, lubing it up with her juices. As I sucked her clit and rubbed her g-spot I moved the lubed up finger down to her little brown hole and rubbed up and down against it for a few seconds, letting the juices from her pussy lubricate her hole before slowly but surely pushing the finger against it and then inside of it.

I had already moved all of my weight against her and was ready when her hips tried to shoot up off of the mat. I pushed my finger into her up to the second knuckle and then wiggled it around inside of her.

Her reaction was almost instantaneous… she wailed against the fist in her mouth as her pussy clamped down on my fingers and her ass clamped down on the other finger. Her hips bucked against my weight and then her pussy flooded my mouth and face with her juices. I wiggled my fingers again and she gushed into my waiting mouth.

I slowly removed all my fingers and went about gently lapping up all of her juices and sucking on the fingers that had been in her pussy.

I kept my weight on her as she slowly came down from whatever heights she had attained from her mighty orgasm. After she had calmed down she removed her fist from her mouth and eventually her breathing became slow and regular again.

“Oh gawd Nick… that was fucking incredible. I thought I was going to explode when I came. I have never felt anything like it… especially when you stuck your finger up my ass. Where the fuck did you learn that trick from? And don’t say you read it in a book!”

I smiled as I finally related to her that Playboy and Penthouse were the primary source of all the sexual knowledge I possessed.

“Well then, that explains a lot!” she hissed at me.

I said nothing as I covered her mouth with mine and kissed her again with renewed passion. Soon enough we were both getting hot and bothered again.

Terri then rolled me over onto my back and quickly removed my pants and my underwear.

I could hear her making rude smacking and sucking sounds with her mouth as I felt her breath on me as she approached my rock hard cock.

“Be careful” I warned her, “It won’t take much before I cum.”

“Not to worry” she replied, “I know what I’m doing.”

And with that she engulfed my cock in her mouth, her warm tongue sliding along the ridge of my head as she sucked on me. She started moving up and down until my cock hit the back of her throat. She quickly moved up before she gagged then slowly started sucking me back down again. As she moved further down I could feel her throat opening up to accommodate me, and I could feel the breeze coming out of her nose as she started breathing through it.

After a minute or so she began bobbing up and down again, now able to take all of me into her mouth and throat. The feeling was amazing… Lisa had been good, but Terri was proving to be better. I could feel her tongue licking me as her head moved up and down… I could feel my balls starting to churn.

“Terri! I’m gonna cum!” I warned her.

Right then she took her hand and surrounded the base of my cock with it. She pressed firmly against my cock with her thumb and two fingers and slowed down her sucking on it. After a few seconds the urge to cum had subsided, stopped by a clever application of pressure in just the right place. I had read about this technique but didn’t think very many people knew of it, and how to successfully pull it off.

“Feel better now?” she asked softly.

“Yes, yes I do. Now what?” 

She slowly moved up from my cock and kissed me on the stomach and chest until our lips met again and we kissed deeply.

After a minute she knelt down on top of me and started rubbing her clit against my cock. The feeling was very pleasurable for me, and judging from her quiet moans, it was also very pleasurable for her.

She broke our kiss and sat up on her knees. I could feel her hand around my cock and then the hot wetness of her pussy as she impaled herself on my cock, sliding down until I was completely inside of her, her pubic mound and clit mashed against me.

“Holy fuck that feels good!” she exclaimed.

“Yes, it surely does!” I replied.

Terri started moving forwards then backwards on me, mashing her clit up against me before starting to move and down on my cock at the same time. As she rode me I could hear her moaning cut off by the sudden insertion of her fist back into her mouth.

For some long minutes she continued to ride me in the same manner, never moving up or down too far on my cock, seemingly enjoying the feeling of it deep within her. She did continue rubbing her clit up and down along my pubic bone, mashing it as hard as she could against me.

In spite of the fist in her mouth I could hear that she was approaching her orgasm again, and this time I wouldn’t need to help her achieve it. She ground down on me with all her weight, pushing her clit against me as hard as she could while now rotating around my cock with me buried as deep in her as far as it could go.

Finally she started moving up and down a bit more on my cock… I could feel her starting to squeeze me with her pussy muscles, trying to milk my cock for its own hot release.

Suddenly she pushed down on me as hard as she could with her pussy, stopped moving, then started to twitch violently against me. I felt the release of her hot juices just before she gushed again, completely soaking my crotch and dripping down my ass before falling to the mat below us.

I could hear her now, even with her fist in her mouth, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck” over and over again until she slowly faded out to no sound at all. Eventually she took her fist out of her mouth and began to breath normally again.

I was very happy that she had achieved such a hot, wet orgasm and really wasn’t worrying about myself. I figured that I would get my release when I got there and wasn’t overly concerned about it.

Terri leaned over and kissed me deeply, her tongue now in charge, moving in and around my mouth darting on and off my tongue while her hot breath steamed into my mouth.

“Oh god Nick, that was just fucking amazing. I mean it, fucking, fucking amazing!”

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself… I aim to please” I quipped. I then questioned her, “I didn’t feel your hymen, and I’m almost certain you were a virgin.”

“I took care of that with a candle. I didn’t want any pain to spoil the experience.”

“Ah… that was very thoughtful of you, thank-you!”

“But what about you? You haven’t cum yet.” she asked softly.

“That’s okay. I’m sure that there will be another opportunity for me. I’m not worried about it… really, I’m not.” I assured her.

She lowered her body until she was laying on me, her breasts pushed against my chest. She kissed me again, slowly and with great passion.

“I know what we can do, and this time you’ll be able to cum too.”

“What is that?” I asked.

“I’ll show you” she replied.

She sat up again and then, with my cock still inside her, turned around so she was facing away from me. She then started moving up and down my cock until she was good and wet again from my cock pushing against her g-spot. She then lifted herself completely off of me and grabbed my cock with her hand. She rotated her hips slightly and then I felt her heat on my cock as she slowly lowered herself until I was at the entrance of her little brown hole.

“Ready?” she asked.

“Very much so”, I replied.

Then, ever so slowly she let herself down on my cock, forcing it slowly past her sphincter until the head of my cock popped inside of her.

She let out a soft, “Umff” and stopped moving. Her asshole was so tight and hot I couldn’t believe it.

Slowly she let herself down a bit more, and then stopped again. She lifted herself back up again until only the head of my cock was inside and paused only for a second until she lowered herself back down on it. She repeated this technique, slowly taking more of my cock inside of herself, until finally I was completely inside her ass.

I still could not believe how tight and hot she was back there. It was much tighter than her pussy, and that was saying something.

Now that I was firmly inside of her, she leaned back on her arms and I reached up to find her breasts just within my reach. I took hold of them and began fondling and massaging them. Her reaction was immediate… she pushed down even harder while spreading her ass with her hands, and I got a tiny bit further in to her. Returning her hands back to support herself she began moving up and down my cock while alternately squeezing and releasing it with her sphincter muscles while I ravaged her breasts with my hands.

“Oh my fucking gawd, I feel so stuffed. And it feels fucking good!”

I again warned her to be quiet, but she couldn’t put her fit in her mouth now because her hands were the only things supporting her weight and balance. I instead heard little ‘mphff’ sounds escaping through her closed lips.

Removing my hands from her breasts I reached down and grabbed hold of her hips, taking control of the rhythm and the speed she was thrusting up and down me on. She leaned forward as far as she could until she could support herself on her knees again. This accomplished, she stuck her fist back in her mouth while her other hand moved down between her legs until she could shove two fingers inside her pussy to massage her g-spot and using the heel of her hand to stimulate her clit.

The feelings that her playing with herself had on my cock was indescribable… she was pounding herself up and down the length of my cock while milking it with her sphincter muscles. Her hips were bucking and twitching as she rode me and her hand harder and harder until her orgasm hit her.

I took the opportunity to lift and slam her back down on me, faster and faster until I could feel my balls churning and that familiar feeling of my impending orgasm.

“I’m cumming Terri! I’m cumming!” I hissed between clenched teeth.

“YES! Oh gawd yes! Cum in me! Let me feel you cum in my ass. Cum for me! Cum for me!”

That was all it took for me to shove my cock in her as far as I could as I started to cum. Spurt after spurt jetted out of my cock and inside of her. There are insufficient words to describe how great it felt as I came while she was still cumming. She was so fucking hot and tight, clenching my cock for all it was worth.

I kept fucking her like that for a few minutes after I came, just to make sure that she had finished her ride to ecstasy. We finally stopped moving and my softened cock popped out of her, cum leaking out and onto me. I could feel how hot it was and my cock twitched slightly at the thought of it all.

We lay down on our sides facing each other, our arms pulling us together, our lips meeting and our tongue dancing. We were fully enjoying the post-fuck afterglow as we played tongue tag with each other.

When Terri finally spoke again, her voice was very soft and gentle.

“Nick that was the greatest thing I have ever felt in my whole life. Every time I came I thought I was going to explode or pass out or both! Sucking your cock and having you fuck both my holes was an experience I will never forget.”

“I am truly happy that you had a great time Terri. I never would have dreamt that you would like anal sex though. That was a wonderful surprise.”

“Well I’m not on the pill yet, although that is going to shortly change, so I couldn’t let you cum in my pussy. And when you stuck your finger up my ass while you were giving me head was the most electrifying thing I’ve ever felt.

I thought about it and decided to see what it would feel with your cock in there. And it felt *gooooooood*, and I’m glad I did it. I’ll tell all the other girls how good it feels and maybe they’ll try it too… who knows?”

“Well I liked it too” I responded. “It was so hot and so fucking tight, tighter even than your pussy, and I loved fucking you up your ass.”

“I thought you would like it. I heard that it was even better than pussy fucking for both the guy and the girl. I wasn’t sure that you would go for it though… some people think it’s gross you know?”

“Fuck gross! I’d fuck your ass again in a minute if my cock and I weren’t so worn out” I exclaimed to her.

“Hmm… another time lover” she quipped.

“Lover?” I asked stupidly.

“Oh yeah… you, and just you. You’re the only one who will enjoy the pleasure of my sexual appetite… for the near future at least. That makes you my lover. I know that I am not your lover, or at least your only lover. Sylvia, Heather and the other girls all want to fuck you blind, over and over and over again. They are a fucking horny batch of bitches” she laughed as she finished speaking.

“Wow… that is a lot for one guy to take in” I said in a low voice.

“Well actually” she snickered, “You’re the one who will be putting it in, not taking it in.”

“Hmmm…” I let slip past my lips.

I opened my eyes and looked around. It was still too dark to make out anything other than rough outlines. I did notice that Terri’s breasts made a very sexy outline against the thin light that had filtered in from the gym.

“Will you do me a favor Terri?” I asked quietly.

“Sure, what do you want?” she replied.

“Stand up and then slowly turn around a few times.”

“Uhm… okay. Sure.”

I watched her outline as she stood up and slowly turned around. Her body made a very sexy outline as she turned around. Her breasts and her ass and her legs were all perfectly sized as they were silhouetted against the dim light. I stood up and moved in behind her, pulling her body against mine.

“You are the sexiest woman I have ever met Terri. I want you to know that.”

“Really?” she asked, seemingly unconvinced by my statement. “I thought Heather was the sexiest woman around… what about her then?”

I smiled in the darkness and replied, “Heather is nicely built, and has no qualms about fucking any guy she wants just so she can get herself off. I had to fuck her twice to satisfy her sexual needs.

But… she is not nearly as sexy as you are. You are passionate about your lovemaking, and that is more than just sex. To my eyes you are drop dead sexy!”

She didn’t say anything for a minute but I could make out the catch in her voice as I finished speaking. Finally she said, “Do you really feel that way Nick? Are you telling me the truth?”

“Yes!” I exclaimed, “I really, really feel that way. There are other women who may try to look sexy, or to act sexy, but actually being sexy is something that very few women can pull off… and you are one of the few Terri.”

“Hmmm…” she hummed. “What about Sylvia then? What do you think of her? Do you think she is sexy?”

Busted! I did think Sylvia was very, very sexy as well. I decided to go with the truth and gulped out, “Yes, Sylvia is sexy too, but in a different way. She has a different attitude and a different way of thinking. She is more of a sexy looking girl because of the way she dresses and the way she acts. But you are sexy without even trying. Your lust is real, and not a put on.”

“Okay, I guess I can accept that. Besides… I know that Sylvia is one my friends who is going to fuck you, so I don’t feel threatened by her. Actually I don’t care who you fuck as long as you will keep fucking me too. I think there is enough of you to go around eh?”

I laughed quietly and said, “I sure hope so.”

“We need to clean up and get out of here. It just got quiet out there which means the cheerleaders have left the gym and are in the showers by now. We both need to wash up and get the smell of sex off us.”

I remembered the night my mother had noticed how I smelled before ordering me to bag my clothes and have a shower.

“I agree… let’s get out of here.”

“I’ll go first, then you come out a bit later” she suggested.

“Okay, see you later” I said as I gave her a final hug for the day.


After cleaning myself up I waited for the bus to come, boarding it and going straight to the back, claiming my seat.

Roy and Bill were soon seated near me, asking what plans I had for the weekend. I told them I had nothing definite planned and was just happy that school was over for the weekend.

Roy suggested we get together after supper at his place and maybe watch some T.V. I thought about the other things I could watch while at his place: namely his two sisters.

I agreed to come over after supper and the conversation again turned to our collective favourite subject; women. We talked for a while about different women we knew and what our chances were on getting laid with them. I had to work hard not to let my face betray my emotions… they didn’t need to know all of my secrets regarding women in and out of school.

We got off the bus and walked home together, splintering off as we got close to our homes. I entered the house through the garage entrance and walked up the short flight of stairs to the kitchen.

“Mom, I’m home”, I said to the empty kitchen.

My mother walked into the kitchen from the hall and handed me a folded piece of paper and said to me, “Another phone message for you Romeo, someone wants to see you again tonight.”

As I unfolded the paper I was pretty sure who the message was from… Sylvia. Reading the note confirmed my suspicion. The note said that I should come over to where she was again babysitting at around 9:00 p.m. There was a number for me to call to after 8:45 to let her know if I would be coming or not.

I thought to myself that I could visit with Roy and Bill and then leave, come home to call Sylvia, and let her know that I would be happy to visit with her again.

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