My mother-in-law, Margaret, officially, but Marge or Margie

to most people, and I always got along fairly well. I

treated her decent and liked her cooking and her daughter

was happy with me and I guess that was what she cared most

about.My mother-in-law, Margaret, officially, but Marge or Margie

to most people, and I always got along fairly well. I

treated her decent and liked her cooking and her daughter

was happy with me and I guess that was what she cared most


She had a small apartment on the first floor of the same

building occupied by the family business. There were two

bedrooms and a smaller apartment on the second floor and a

quite large loft area on the third floor. When my wife,

Glynda, and I were there we stayed in the small apartment.

Our two daughters would use the separate bedrooms if they

came down.

My wife’s dad had died a couple of years before and I don’t

think many people missed him much. He didn’t treat anybody

very well, least of all his wife, son, and two daughters,

and nobody’s cooking was as good as his, and although he

often said he could cook something better, he never

volunteered to do it.

We were down at “Mom’s” for vacation. There wasn’t much to

do in the little fishing and logging town, but it was close

to the beaches and the mountains. Glynda and I would go out

on the beach late in the afternoon and watch the sun go down

and then build a little fire and fuck for a couple hours on

a big blanket and then go home and soak in the steam bath

for a couple of hours and fuck some more. Or we would go for

a hike up in the mountains in the morning and then take a nap

and fuck in some grassy meadow for most of the afternoon.

You can tell there was one thing uppermost in our minds.

The steam bath was actually a Finnish style sauna. A very hot,

very dry heat, very little steam at all. Glynda’s dad had

built it in the back of the factory and it had become popular

with nearly everyone. In fact my oldest daughter was conceived

in it, near as we could figure.

Glynda and her mom were only about 20 years apart in age and

were mistaken for sisters quite often. Their size and build

were very similar except that Margie was a little bustier

and a little hippier with a few more wrinkles. And while

Glynda frosted her hair because it was fashionable, Marge

did it to hide some gray and look younger. It was difficult

to tell them apart without looking really close. And therein

lies the tale.

I had been over at the neighborhood tavern for a few hours

that afternoon, drinking beer and visiting with a few guys

that I knew from when we had lived there years ago. It was

dinner time, and I was a little tipsy, and also horny from

watching the barmaids running around in their short skirts

and low-cut blouses for several hours. I walked into the

downstairs apartment to see what the prospects for dinner

were. There were a couple of pots gently steaming on the stove

and my wife was standing at the sink fixing some lettuce and

veggies for salad. I walked up behind her, put my left arm

around her and squeezed her tit, and reached down in

front of her with my right hand and cupped her mons and

pussy and massaged it a little. She jumped a little and said,


I nuzzled and nibbled the side of her neck and said, “What’s

for dinner, besides you?”

She was breathing a little hard and leaning against me like

she was having trouble standing up. “Ohh … Unnn … I …

I … think th.. th.. that Glllyyyndaaaa …. is . up ..

stairs ..,” she gasped.

Well, I started noticing things then. Her breast was a

little bit larger and softer than Glynda’s and her tummy

wasn’t quite as flat, and her mons felt a little higher, and

then I opened my eyes and noticed what was looped over the ear I

had just begun to lick and nibble on. Metal glass frames!

Oops! Gramma wore glasses with metal frames and Glynda wore

plastic! Mea culpa!

I unwound my arms from around her and helped her stand up

straight. As she leaned against the sink counter I said,

“Oh! I’m sorry. I thought you were Glynda.”

“That’s …. all … right,” she said, gasping out one word

to the breath.

“See you at dinner!” I said as I made my exit, stage left.

I went upstairs and found my wife in an easy chair in the

sitting room of the little apartment, reading the very

skinny local paper.

“How was your visit with your buddies?” she asked. “Are the

barmaids over there just as sexy as ever?”

I gave her a brief sketch of the afternoon at the local

watering hole and then related what had transpired with her

mother in the kitchen.

“My god, Honey, you probably came close to giving Mom a

heart attack! I’m pretty sure she hasn’t had any sex but her

hand since Dad got sick before he died. And maybe not for a

while before then.”

“Yeah,” I agreed, “She didn’t really object to my attention

either. In fact she sounded a little disappointed when I

left and came upstairs.”

“Well,” said Glynda, “You have given me an adequate amount

of screwing the last couple of days. You want to try fucking

Mom tonight?”

Many guys would have fallen over if their wife said anything

like that, but it wasn’t totally unexpected. We aren’t major

league swingers or swappers and we don’t have what I would

call an open marriage. We are 99% or more satisfied with our

sex lives and seldom actively pursue other sexual partners.

However, we realize that there are those times and

circumstances when an attraction develops that just can’t be

ignored. We have an agreement that we discuss each event

before consummation and we don’t have any liaisons with other

people in our own home, unless it is by prior arrangement

and agreement. We do have an escape clause though. That is

if there are hands on organs and the clothes are half off,

do it, and we will discuss it later!

So, I wasn’t too surprised at what my wife said. “My, how

you talk, young lady!” I chuckled. “I didn’t realize I had

fucked you to a frazzle.”

“I said an adequate amount, not a sufficient amount. And I

was thinking about a quickie before dinner. But, since there

may be some extramarital hanky panky tonight you can just

eat my pussy for an appetizer. If you get Mom for dessert you

may need all your spunk and energy for her!”

With that, Glynda raised her hips and slipped off her slacks

and panties, slumped down in the chair and threw her legs

over the arms of it. “Come and get it, big boy,” she said,

reaching down and spreading her cunt lips.

Well, this is about Margie, my mother-in-law, so I’ll fast

forward a few hours.

After dinner the three of us went into the living room for

coffee and dessert, then sat around and watched a couple of

reruns on TV. Margie was sitting sort of sideways on the

couch reading the paper, I was sitting in the easy chair

glancing at some woman’s magazine that should have been x-rated

because of the pictures, and Glynda was sitting on the floor

between my legs. She had been rubbing her head in my crotch

and running her hands up and down my legs all evening. I was

getting a little heated, and I noticed that Marge was taking

it all in and squirming around a little like she had an itch

that needed scratching.

Glynda got up and stretched. “I think I will go up to bed,”

she said. “That was a good dinner, Mom. It is making me

sleepy!” Then she turned to me and said, “Honey, you can

stay down here and keep Mom company if you want. I am just

going to go to sleep.” And she leaned over and gave me a

little kiss with a lot of tongue and put her hand in my

crotch and gave my cock and balls a little squeeze.

“OK, Honey,” I replied. “I’ll be up later.”

As Glynda left the apartment I noticed that she did not

completely close the door into the hallway. “That little

snoop,” I thought. “She is going to eavesdrop to see what

goes on down here!”

I stood up and moved over to the couch and asked Marge, “Can

I sit here with you?” as I moved in behind her.

“Sure,” she said, as she moved over a little to give me a

little more room.

I sat down behind her and put a hand on her shoulder. “I

would like to talk about this afternoon.”

“Oh, that’s OK,” she said. “It isn’t necessary.”

“I don’t think you understand,” I said as I moved a little

closer to her. “I enjoyed what happened, and I don’t regret

it at all. And I think that you may have enjoyed it a little


“Ww.. w.. Well,” she stammered, as she wiggled around a

little. “I was very surprised. It did feel a little …” she

paused. ” … different. I haven’t been … uh … touched

by a man in a long time.” She sighed and leaned back against

the couch.

“I know,” I said. “I imagine you are really lonely.” I put

both arms around her shoulders and hugged her back against

me. I rested the side of my head against hers and said

softly, “It doesn’t have to be that way.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” she said. “An old woman like me can’t

find anybody but old men around here.”

“I wasn’t talking about around here,” I said as I hugged her

a little tighter. “I was talking about right here. I was

talking about me.”

I heard and felt her gasp, and she placed her hands on my

arms where I was hugging her, just above her breasts. “Oh

no! That can’t be true! You are married to my daughter! Why

would you want an old woman like me? What will Glynda

think? It just wouldn’t be right! We …”

“Marge, Shush!” I said in her ear. “You let me worry about

Glynda. You are a very handsome and attractive woman. I have

always seen that in you. Any man who would take the time to

know you would love you. I love you, and this afternoon I

realized that I want to make love to you and show you how

much I love you.”

“Oh dear! I don’t know what to say! What about tomorrow?

What happens when you don’t go upstairs? What if Glynda

finds out? It wouldn’t be right. What …”

“Dear, sweet, Margie. Don’t worry about any of those things.

I will take care of any problems. You only need to say one

thing. Just say ‘Yes’ if you want us to make love to each

other tonight. That is all you have to worry about. All you

have to do is say ‘Yes’.”

I hugged her and she squeezed and rubbed my arms with her

hands. I waited. Finally, so faint that I could barely hear

her, “Yes.”

“Oh, Margie,” I sighed, as I moved my hands down under her

breasts and gently cupped them in my hands and lifted them up

and squeezed them gently. She sighed and leaned back against

my chest, and she acted like it was the first time she had

been able to relax in a long time. “I love you,” I whispered

as I kissed her neck and licked softly around the edge of

her ear.

“Oh, Gene, I love you too! Kiss me please. It has been so


I slid back and let her recline until I had her cradled in

my left arm. She turned her face up to mine and I leaned

over and kissed her gently. I let her lead the way. As I

gently massaged her breasts and rubbed her nipples she

sucked my lower lip into her mouth and let it go and then

did the same with my upper lip. I then did the same to her

and we repeated that and then I felt her tongue licking my

lips when she sucked them into her mouth. When it was my

turn I just opened my lips a little and licked her lips with

my tongue. She gasped, threw her arms around my neck and

gave me a full open mouthed kiss, sticking her tongue into

my mouth and feeling all around with it. While I was

returning her passion I slowly moved my hand down over her

stomach towards her mons, gently massaging and rubbing her

all the way.

When I got to her mons I slid my fingers down over her pussy

until I had her mons under my palm and I could feel the heat

from her cunt under my fingers. I started massaging her

snatch with my fingers as she arched her hips off the couch

against my hand.

“Oh god! Do that some more! Please, please …” 

I rubbed and massaged over her pussy with my fingers as she

began thrusting her hips up against my hand. Her legs spread

slowly apart, giving me permission to go further. I knew

that she hadn’t had anything but her own hand between her

legs for years. I thought that it probably felt a lot like I

felt the first time a woman put her hand around my cock!

I could feel her cunt getting hotter against my hand as I

gently rubbed and massaged her. I began to concentrate on

the area over her clit. There was no doubt about finding it.

She almost screamed, arched her back, and quivered like an

arrow when it sticks in a tree. The crotch of her pants were

definitely wet now, and she was panting and pushing her clit

against my fingers as I rubbed and pressed down on it. She

put both hands over mine and pressed them tightly against

her as she humped her hips up, getting more stimulation for

her poor neglected clit.

“Oh my god, oh shit Ohhhhh … UUnnnggg …. AWWWWWWWWWW….

,” she screamed as she was hit by her orgasm. Again and

again she humped against our hands and shuddered and moaned.

Finally, “Oh, Gene, Darling, that was wonderful! I love you

so much!” And then she reached up and pulled my head down to

her and kissed me long and gently. Then released me, looked

me straight in the eye and softly said, “Darling, please

take me to bed.”

I stood up and held out my hands to her. She reached up and

took them and I pulled her slowly to her feet. She came into

my arms and I held her close and kissed her. I started to

pick her up, but she stopped me. “I am too heavy for you to

carry,” she said, as she slowly started walking backwards.

“Just like dancing,” she said. “You lead.”

We walked, or danced, through the kitchen to her bedroom and

as we passed the partially open doorway to the hall I could

hear clothes rustling a little and deep breathing. Glynda

was keeping an eye on things! When we reached the bed I sat

her down gently and sat beside her. I reached in front of

her and cupped her full breasts in my hands and hugged her

to me. She sighed and placed her hands on mine while I

gently squeezed her tits and rubbed her nipples with the

tips of my fingers.

I unbuttoned her blouse, slipping one hand then the other

under it as I did, stroking her warm soft skin. When I got

her blouse unbuttoned I slid one sleeve down off her

shoulder and down her arm then gently pulled it behind her

and down over her other arm. I began kissing and nuzzling

around her neck and over her bare shoulders and I could feel

her shivering like an excited mare.

I glanced toward the bedroom door and out through the

kitchen. I could see a shadowy form in the outer hall and

knew that Glynda was out there watching as her mother and I

were making love. “Well,” I thought, “She will be frigging

her pussy until she blows her mind if she keeps watching.”

I slipped out from behind Margie and laid her gently on the

bed. I stood in front of her and slowly lifted up her feet,

one at a time, and removed her shoes and socks, then reached

up to her slacks and started sliding the elastic waistband

down over her hips. She raised her hips so I could slip them

out from under her buttocks and then sighed as my hands

slipped over her bare skin as I slid them down over her


I started to remove her panties the same way but she took my

hands in hers and whispered, “Noooo. Not yet.” 

I lifted her and reached behind her and unfastened her bra.

She gasped as the tension of the strap was released and her

breasts fell free. I slid the bra off of her arms and

dropped it over the end of the bed. She folded her arms

across her breasts to cover herself.

I sat back down next to her and gently turned her away from

me. I then slid my hands down her arms and hugged her

against me. Moving my hands down to her rounded but firm

tummy I stroked and massaged my way up to her breasts.

After doing this several times she relaxed and let me slide

my hands up over her bare breasts. As my hands reached her

nipples she sighed and leaned her head back against my


As I kissed her neck and shoulders and played with her boobs

and nipples she placed one hand on my arm and dropped the

other one to my leg. She began rubbing my leg and soon was

running her hand slowly up and down between my legs, getting

closer to my cock each time.

My erection was sticking straight down my pants leg and I

knew that Margie was going to feel it very soon. I was

nibbling her neck and running my finger tips over her stiff

nipples when her hand reached my hard cock. She gasped and

moved her hand slowly up over my erection as she slowly

inhaled. When she reached the base of it she squeezed it

gently and moaned, “Oh Gene, that feels so wonderful … “

I tensed a little to make it jerk and swell in her hand and

she jumped a little and giggled like a school girl. “Oh! It

feels like it is alive!”

She turned her face up to me, “Take your clothes off,

darling. I want to feel your warm bare skin against mine.”

I laid her down on the bed and stood up. Looking down at her

in the dim bedroom I saw a mature women, body kept in

shape by hard work every day. Her skin was untanned and the

areolas on her breasts were dark in contrast, the dark hair

of her pussy was a mysterious shadow under her white silk

panties where her legs met her body.

I leaned down and kissed her tummy and began kissing and

licking my way down to her bush. She clasped my head in her

hands, “Ohhhh … Please, Gene, take your clothes off.”

I stood up and unfastened my belt, letting my pants slide to

the floor and pushed my shorts down around my ankles. I

pulled my shirts over my head and when I looked, Margie was

under the covers. “Please, hurry,” she whispered.

I stepped out of my clothes and pulled my shoes and socks

off. Margie tossed back the covers and I slid in next to

her. She held out her arms and I slid an arm under her and we

kissed. Slowly at first then more urgently. I gently moved

my hand down over her body towards her pussy and discovered

that she had removed her panties while I was undressing.

When my hand reached her soft bush I covered her pussy with

my hand and gently pressed and massaged her pussy. She was

warm and damp and gasped as I first touched her and then

moaned as I gently massaged her mons and outer lips. I

slowly began working a finger into the hot center of her

female sex and was quickly rewarded by a spreading wetness.

As I penetrated her with my finger she again gasped and

began moaning and thrusting her hips up against my hand.

I slipped my finger up towards her clit and she reached down

and grasped my erect cock. “Oh, Gene,” she moaned, “I want

you in me. I want to feel you laying on me. Give me your

love and fill me with it. Please … Now … Oh ….


I moved over her as she spread her legs and pulled her knees

up. As I lowered myself onto her I kissed her breasts and

sucked on her nipples. She reached down and took my erection

in her hand and guided me to her hot, steaming snatch. 

She gasped and moaned as I slowly entered her and put her

arms around me and raised her legs and clasped them around

my waist. “Ohhhh Gene, do it slow. It has been so long! I want

it to last as long as possible.”

She was as tight as my wife was at 21. I could feel the

walls of her cunt stretching as the head of my cock went where

no cock had gone for many years.

I pumped my cock in and out of her slowly, laying on her and

just moving my pelvis. Each time I slid into her she took a

deep breath and hugged me with her arms and legs and when I

was in all the way she relaxed and breathed out. “Ooooh ….

Ahhhhhh … Ooooooo … ahhhh ….” It sounded like a gentle


I don’t know how long this went on. We were both lost in the

warmth and the closeness and the intimacy of my hard cock

fucking in and out of her hot, slippery, soft pussy.

Margie was hugging me tighter now and I increased my

speed and force as I fucked her grasping love tunnel. She

was breathing harder and began gasping. “Oh god … fuck …

harder … faster … ohhhhhhh …. yesssss …. fuck … fuck

… ” Soon she was talking quite plainly and then began

shouting, “HARDER DAMN IT …. HARDER … FUCK ME!!!”

I did, and soon she was throwing her hips up at me as I

thrust my cock into her throbbing, demanding pussy. I felt

my balls tightening up and I knew I was going to come damn

soon. Margie was on her way too, and I picked up the pace.

“I’m going to cum, Margie, I’m cumming!”

“Oh fuck … yes … cum … now … Now … NOWWWW!!!”

As she screamed out her orgasmic pleasure I slammed into her

as far as I could and shot my jism deep in her hot depths.

She felt my cock jumping inside of her and her cunt muscles

began contracting and milking the cum out of my cock as she

screamed and moaned and kicked and scratched through the

first really intense orgasm she had experienced in years.

I just lay there on top of her for several minutes as she

hugged me and her pussy massaged my very slowly subsiding

erection. I rolled off of her and glanced towards the door

into the kitchen. I could barely make out the shadowy figure

of a woman and it looked like she was playing with her

pussy. She quietly moved back into the other room.

Margie was snuggled up against me purring like a cat full of

cream, or a woman full of cum. “That was wonderful,” she

said. “You better get upstairs. Glynda will be wondering

where you are.”

“No, she is probably sound asleep.” I knew better. She was

in the kitchen listening as her husband fucked her mother and

fingering herself! “The steam bath is still hot. Let’s go

relax for awhile.” I thought she could probably use a little

heat therapy after all the unaccustomed exercise she had

just had.

“Well …. OK. Let me get my robe.” Margie said, as she

slowly rolled out of bed.

“You don’t need your robe.” I told her. “There isn’t anyone

in the house but Glynda, and she won’t bother us.”

I opened the door from the bedroom into the factory and put

my arm around Margie, guiding her between the dark and

silent machines.

As we went through the factory I could see the store area up

front, dimly lit by the street lights shining through the

windows. I could barely make out my horny, voyeuristic wife

watching us from behind the display cases. I stopped

and turned Margie around and pulled her to me and kissed her

passionately. She threw her arms around my neck as I

reached down between us and began fingering her pussy. It

was wet and slippery with our cum and I soon had my finger

in her slit, and she reached down and grabbed my cock and

started pulling and pumping it.

We stood there in the dark factory area, playing with each

other, kissing and rubbing our bodies together. “Take me

again,” she said. “Fuck me right here!”

Still holding onto my cock she turned around and bent over,

supporting herself on a step stool that was sitting next to a

machine. She pulled me to her, put my cock head at the

entrance to her cunt, and pushed back against me. My now hard

pecker slid right in and my balls slapped against her belly.

I chuckled to myself as I realized that we were standing

sideways to the door into the store, and Glynda was going to

get a real show!

I grabbed Margie’s hips and started pumping my cock in and

out of her burning hot snatch. I could feel the juice from

her excitement and our previous fucking running down over my

balls and down the inside of her thighs. “Oh … Fuck me,

baby! Fuck me hard!” she yelled. And I did.

I was pounding her pussy for all I was worth, and Margie was

squeezing with her pussy and hanging on. Knowing that my

wife was watching us and more than likely fingering herself

made it even more exciting. I got to the point where I was

fucking her cunt so hard that her feet weren’t even on the

floor. “Oh God! I’m cumming honey, I’m cumming! Fuck me!


Margie screamed as her orgasm came.

I kept slamming into her hot steaming cunt and I could feel

the cum starting way down in my nuts and rising up through

my cock and I couldn’t do anything but grunt. I grunted

every time I slammed my rod down her hole and as I felt her

cunt squeezing me I felt the cum shooting from my pecker and

pumped even further into her as I shot my load in her.

We just stood there for a while. She leaning on the stool

and me leaning against her butt until my cock deflated and

fell out of her pussy. I helped her to stand up and we slowly

made our way back through the factory to the sauna.

The sauna was a room about 8 ft. by 10 ft. and about 10 ft.

high. There was the heater, a shower, a low stool, and several

different levels of benches. When we got inside I turned on

the shower and we soaped each other down and washed off the

drying cum and sweat from our love making. As she stood with

her back to me I scrubbed her down and slid my hand between

her legs. I could easily slip two fingers in her cunt and I

slowly fucked her with my fingers. In a few minutes she

started making contented woman noises and pushing against me a

little. After two really good fucks I wasn’t even getting a

little firm yet, so I decided not to go any further right


We climbed up the benches until we got to a nice hot level

and sat down. I leaned back in the corner and Margie leaned

back against me. I pulled the cord to put some extra moisture

in the air and she started playing with my cock. She was a

little tentative at first, but I started playing with her

boobs and nipples and she relaxed and became a little more


I started getting a decent erection after a half hour or so

and Margie was really getting into playing with my cock. She

was using both hands and doing all the right things. But I

wanted more from this very sexy and passionate older woman.

“Suck me or fuck me, Margie. Don’t just jerk me off.”

She turned and looked at me with her eyes wide with

surprise. “What? ….”

“I said suck me or fuck me. It feels really good to have you

playing with me but I want to be a lot more intimate with

you right now. Take my cock in your mouth and suck on it for

a while.”

She looked at me with surprise at first and then it was like

she finally understood what I said. Her looks changed to

that of a horny, cock hungry, excited woman and she licked

her lips. She slid over on the bench and laid down on her

stomach. Grasping my cock in one hand she slowly moved her

head over my crotch and lay there looking at my erect penis

like she had never seen one before. She turned it around,

then touched it with her finger and tasted it. 

“Go ahead,” I said softly. “It won’t bite!”

She giggled a little and started to slowly slip her mouth

over my rock hard fuck tool. She got about half of it in her

mouth and started sucking on me like a lollipop. It felt

really good. It felt great! She acted like this was the

first time she had ever sucked cock and I just let her

experiment to find what she liked best.

Soon she was using her hand on the part of my dick that

didn’t go in her mouth and sucking and licking it like it

was an ice cream bar. I thought that it was a good thing

that I had fucked her good twice in the last couple of hours

or my cum would be dripping off the ceiling!

She looked up at me. “My pussy is burning up! Let’s fuck

some more!”

Well, I couldn’t turn down a request like that! I got up and

led her down the stairs and sat down on the stool.

“Straddle my legs and sit down on my cock,” I told her.

She had a gleam in her eye like a little kid who has never

done something before but knows it is going to be a lot of


She moved over me, gently took my prick in her fingers and

guided it into her waiting pussy as she sat down. I put my

arms around her waist and she put her arms around my neck.

“Ooohh … That feels good!” she said, as she leaned back

and slid her pussy all the way down over my hard cock.

“Yes, it does,” I agreed. “You know, your oldest

granddaughter was conceived right here this way.”

“Oh my god,” she sort of laughed. “That makes me feel so

naughty! Fucking with you in the same place you conceived

your first child with my daughter!”

“Well,” I responded. “Let’s not worry about that. Let’s

just get downright nasty and fuck our brains out. I want to

fill your pussy full of cum!”

“Ohhhhh … my … uuuhhhmmmm … yesssss,” she moaned, as I

rotated my hips up and thrust my cock deeper into her cunt.

We leaned back in each other’s arms and began to slam our

pelvises together, grunting and groaning. The sauna was

around 100 degrees and we were both perspiring freely. Hell,

we were sweating like pigs! We were slipping and sliding

like we had been dipped in K-Y. It was whole-body fucking!

She leaned away from me and arched her back, slamming her

pelvis hard against me. I bent over and sucked a nipple

between my lips. She let out a moan and moved faster over my

cock. The harder I sucked, the harder she fucked!

I was at the point where I felt like I was about to cum, but

I didn’t. I just stayed there, savoring the feel of a hot,

slippery cunt on my hard, throbbing cock, sucking on her

hard nipples.

She leaned in towards me and I hugged her to my chest. Her

plump breasts were against my chest and she was still

slamming her pelvis and pussy against me. I put my arms

around her and grabbed her butt cheeks and lifted her up a

little and sat her back down. She got the idea and started

bouncing up and down on my cock. Her boobs were slipping and

sliding over my chest and my cock was being shoved way up

her cunt every time she dropped down on my lap.

Now I felt I was really going to cum! I put my hands around

her neck and leaned away from her, fucking into her hot

snatch as hard and deep as I could. “Oh god, I’m cumming,” I


“Oh lord … fuck … yess … Oh SHIT! …,” she screamed

as she leaned back and buried my throbbing cock in her

grasping cunt. We fucked each other hard. Not moving much,

just pushing harder and relaxing a little then pushing

harder, already as tightly and deeply coupled as we could


“Oh, fuck … fuck … fuck …,” I gasped out in step with

my pumping orgasm and thrusting into Margie’s spasming cunt.

“AWWWWWW uuhhhhhhh UUHHHHHH uoooohhhhh,” she wailed like a

siren in tempo with our movements.

After what seemed like half an hour of my cock throbbing and

pumping jism into her hot squeezing, sucking pussy we just

sat there, arms around each other, our bodies sweating

rivers and our crotches soaked with pussy juice and cum.

We finally got up off of the stool, showered again and

headed back through the dark, cool and silent factory to the


We laid down on the bed and snuggled up with each other.

Marge’s hand quickly found my now limp cock. “I want to fuck

some more,” she said. “Can you get it up again?”

“Oh yes, I can get it up again. The question is when?” I

laughed. “You just keep doing what you are doing and it will

be ready before too long.”

“I hope so,” she responded, and started rubbing her boobs

against my chest as she squeezed and pulled on my pecker.

I put my hand under her boob and raised it to my mouth and

started sucking the nipple. I was rewarded by a little gasp

and purring and moaning. Now that I had her nipple in my

mouth I used my hand to feel out her hot pussy and found it

wet and slippery. It was still oozing a mixture of her

lubricating juice and my cum and my finger slipped in easily.

This brought a gasp and Margie thrust her pelvis towards my

hand and forced my finger into her cunt all the way.

“You like that?” I asked.

“Unh Huh!” she gasped.

I started finger fucking her and she quickly answered with

hip movements urging me on. I put in two fingers and she

squeezed them with her cunt muscles so tight it nearly hurt.

She was really getting hot now and wanking me like a mad

women. The up side was that I was getting very hard because

of it.

Suddenly Margie let go of me, jumped up on her hands and

knees and quickly straddled me. She had her head back and

her mouth wide open, gasping. She gripped my cock,

positioned it at the entrance to her tunnel and with a moan

lowered herself, taking my pecker all the way into her in

one movement.

Marge started bouncing up and down, fucking her brains out

on my now steel-hard rod. I grabbed her hips to keep her from

going too far up because I was afraid that she would hurt me

if she missed on the down stroke.

I was not close to cumming yet, after all the sex in the

past several hours, and I think Marge was just as glad,

because she kept pumping my fuck tool in her hot pussy and

groaning and moaning. Making up for several years of no sex

I guess.

She moved her hands to my chest and started fucking me by

rotating her hips back and forth while leaning against me.

Gradually her motions got slower but more intense, I felt

like my balls were going into her pussy too.

Then she laid down on me, and I could feel her breasts

against my chest, and she was just moving back and forth on

top of me, massaging her boobs against my chest. I was

getting a little hotter and felt like I might cum again in

the next couple of hours! I was thrusting slowly into her in

synch with her movements and she was moaning and panting as

we kept fucking each other.

“I’m cumming,” she whispered. “I’m cumming.””

“Come on, honey!” I said into her ear, and hugged her

tighter to me and slammed my cock into her as hard and deep

as I could, meeting her thrusts as her moans got louder.

“Oh god, I’m cumming, I’m cumming … OhhhHHH AWWWWHHH

UNGGGHH … ” as she hunched up her back and slammed against

me, taking my rod as deep into her as she could get it.

My sweet, darling, horny mother-in-law finally slumped

against me and just lay there, recovering her breath. I was

still hard and I slowly pumped my pecker into her, mostly to

make sure I stayed hard in case she wasn’t finished. After a

few minutes she sat up, my cock still embedded in her

sopping wet snatch.

She was leaning just slightly forward with her hands on my

stomach when we heard a noise at the bedroom door.

“Well, Mother! Do you think you could stop screwing my

husband long enough for me to get a little action?”

It was Glynda! And she was stark naked! Margie squealed with

surprise and embarrassment and rolled off of me, away from

Glynda. Glynda them jumped up on the bed, straddling my

hips, and grabbed my cock.

“Come on, stud, fuck your horny wife for a while!” she said

as she quickly lowered herself onto my still rock hard pecker

and started fucking me.


It was a few more hours before anybody got to sleep that

night. Glynda became mistress of ceremonies and directed the

activities. She kept horny watching me and her mother making

love together and then she would have to get serviced

awhile. I think Margie was hot just because she hadn’t had

any loving in so many years.

After that we went to visit Margie more often than in the

past. And sometime Margie would call and ask if I could come

down for the weekend and help her with “things” around the

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